School of Computer Science


The BSc in Computer Science/Software Engineering is established and has its first intake of students. It is the first U.K. degree course in software engineering at undergraduate level.


The University establishes a Microprocessor Laboratory to encourage the use of microprocessors throughout the University.

The Microprocessor Laboratory was established in two halves, one located in Computer Science and the other in Electronic and Electrical Engineering.


A Honeywell Multics computer system is purchased to replace the 1906A as the main University computer.

The Honeywell computer hardware consisted of a four-processor DPS 8/70M, 28MB main memory, 6GB disk/drum storage and communication facilities to support a large number of terminals spread widely across the University campus. A new Multics terminal room was set up in the Aston-Webb Building (Lower Ground Floor in C Block) for use primarily by Computer Science students. Many other clusters of terminals were established throughout the campus.

Two photographs of the Multics terminal room in 1986 are in our Photo Gallery.