Degrees in Computer Science

The School of Computer Science at the University of Birmingham offers a full range of degrees courses in Computer Science, from Bachelors (B.Sc.) and Masters (M.Sc.) to Doctorates (Ph.D.) and is ranked first* out of all UK institutions offering Computer Science and IT.

Undergraduate Computer Science Degree Courses

When studying for a first degree, you have a choice among our three-year BSc (Bachelor of Science) degrees in Computer Science, Software Engineering and Artificial Intelligence. We also offer a four-year MEng and MSci programme. Please see the pages on Undergraduate Degrees for more information on the different undergraduate degree choices and how to apply for a place to study.

Postgraduate Computer Science Degree Courses

If you already have (or are close to completing) a good first degree such as a BSc or BA, you can apply for one of our postgraduate degree programmes. The application procedure for postgraduate degrees is different from that for undergraduate ones, as you apply directly to the University rather than via UCAS. Our postgraduate degrees are divided into Masters, based on taught courses and a summer project, and the PhD, based on research leading to a PhD thesis.

Masters - postgraduate taught

For information about our range of MSc (Master of Science) degrees, please see the pages on Masters in Computer Science. These Masters are considered taught postgraduate degrees, as they involve lectures and examinations as well as a project and dissertation. Nonetheless, some of them are quite research-oriented, while others teach more practical skills in building software.

PhD - postgraduate research

If you already have (or will soon graduate with) a very good first degree and are interested in pursuing research, you can apply for studying for a PhD with us. Admission for doctoral study is in some ways similar to that for a Masters degree, but more individual, as a research area needs to be agreed. Please see the pages on admission to the PhD in Computer Science for details.

Careers for our graduates

The University encourages students to choose a programme to suit their future aspirations. As well as excellent teaching, we provide comprehensive careers support for graduates to enter into the computing and information technology industries. Over 90% of our students secure a graduate level job in industry within six months of graduating.

Computer Science Brochures

To view our Undergraduate Computer Science Brochure please click here.

To view our Postgraduate Computer Science Brochure please click here.

*The Guardian University Guide, 2014.