MSc in Cyber Security

Industrial Advisory Board

The Industrial Advisory Board gives advice on the development of the MSc Cyber Security curriculum, ensuring that it is in tune with the needs of the computer security industry. Its current members are:

  • Ian Batten, Fujitsu Telecoms Europe
  • Chris Dalton, HP Labs
  • Ian Kayne, Senser Ltd.
  • Paul King, Cisco
  • Russell May, Guidance Software
  • Tom McCutcheon, Defence, Science and Technology Labs
  • David Pinchbeck, Oxford Computer Group
  • Harj Singh, Siemens
  • Liwen He, BT

We also have guest lectures from industry on our programme. Recent lectures include:

  • Phil Cheese, Vodafone.
    Security and vulnerability testing at Vodafone
  • Alan Melia, Microsoft.
    Tales from the Dark Side
  • Ian Kayne, Cable & Wireless.
    Security in industry
  • Ian Batten, Fujitsu.
    ISO 27001: Information Security Management System standard
  • Harj Singh, Synetrix.
    Security in the public sector: flexible working
  • Steve Kremer, INRIA.
    Blind, designated verifier and ring signatures
  • Jon Carpenter, McAfee.
    Malware - a high level overview
  • Ian Batten, Fujitsu.
    Who watches the watchmen?

Some students choose to do their projects with co-supervisors from industry. This is an excellent way of gaining an introduction to a company, which can lead to future employment opportunities. The set of projects offered by our industrial colleagues varies from year to year. Recent projects have included:

  • Anomalous access detection
  • Anomalous flow detection
  • Providing a secure storage infrastructure within a virtualised data-centre
    Hewlett Packard Labs
  • Understanding system security properties
    Hewlett Packard Labs
  • Management of release and transfer of personal information
    Hewlett Packard Labs
  • Computational puzzle implementation
    Hewlett Packard Labs
  • Trusted Computing Remote Attestation
    Defence Science and Technology Laboratory
  • Semantic Security Metadata
    Defence Science and Technology Laboratory
  • Entropy of Generated Pronounceable Passwords
    Defence Science and Technology Laboratory
  • Security Decision Modelling
    Defence Science and Technology Laboratory