MSc Robotics

The MSc in Robotics is a one-year full-time degree for graduates of numerate disciplines allied to robotics, including electronic engineering, computer science, mechanical engineering, physics and mathematics. Students will learn theories of intelligent robotic control and software tools required to implement standard algorithms in mobile robots and robot manipulators. Graduates of the programme will either work in industry or pursue a research degree in robotics. Entrants to the programme should have a good level of mathematical ability in probability theory, linear algebra, and mathematical analysis, and the ability to program in either C/C++ or Java.

Minimum entry requirements

First degree (BSc or equivalent) at 2(i) level (or equivalent) in Computer Science. Alternatively degrees in Electronic Engineering, Physics, Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering, or other numerate disciplines will be acceptable only if the student can show programming experience equivalent to that in a BSc Computer Science in either Java or C/C++.

Programme details

This is a one year full-time programme. You will take three compulsory modules in which you will study robotics to an advanced level. You will also work on at least one mini-project. Here you will work one-to-one with one of our research-active staff to explore an area in great depth – analysing the problem and existing solutions, developing new ideas and building or evaluating prototype systems. You will develop your skills in analysis, research, technology and also in presenting and explaining your work clearly and effectively. In addition, you will be able to take several optional taught modules from various fields. All students work on a research project in an area of robotics over the summer, again with expert one-to-one supervision.

The course will be taught through a variety of methods. There will be some small lecture classes, problem-based workshops and also one-to-one supervision. There will be some group work as part of the taught modules. There may be opportunities for some industry-based project work. Perhaps most importantly, you will be part of a small, highly qualified group of students working closely with researchers within the Robotics lab.

Through the course you will become a specialist in robotics. Graduates from this programme will be well-equipped for software development roles in the robotics industry or research and development roles, or to go on to pursue a research degree in robotics.

Important application dates

If you are applying for 2015 entry the start date of the MSc will be 28th September 2015. There is no closing date for admissions, although you are advised to apply as early as possible, particularly if you need to arrange a visa. Please click here for further information on term dates.

How to apply

Applications for all Computer Science MSc programmes are made directly to the University of Birmingham. For full details visit 'How to Apply'.Please note: From 1st July 2015 we will be introducing a £50 non-refundable application fee for this course. This does not apply to applications received before 1st July 2015

Find out what it's like to study MSc Robotics at Birmingham

"I applied to the MSc Robotics programme because it allowed me to study specifically what I was interested in. Most schools around the world do not offer degrees in Robotics. Typically, students pursue a degree in Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering or Electrical Engineering with a speciality in robotics. By studying robotics as a speciality, you may not get the depth and breadth of understanding of the field as you would choosing a course in robotics."

Current MSc student Emmanuel Johnson talks more about his experience of studying Msc Robotics here.


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