School of Computer Science

Tuition Fees for Computer Science MSc degrees

The University charges an annual fee which includes tuition, examination and graduation, as well as fees payable to the Guild of Students. Fees are usually paid annually in advance at the start of the programme but it is possible for you to pay by instalments providing certain conditions are met. A small charge is made for this service.

2019 MSc Tuition Fees

UK and EU Students 2019 entry (Full Time):

  • MSc Computer Science: £9,450
  • MSc Advanced Computer Science: £9,250
  • MSc Robotics: £9,810
  • MSc Human Computer Interaction: £9,250
  • MSc Cyber Security: £9,250

International Students 2019 entry (Full Time):

  • All programmes (except Robotics): £22,500
  • MSc Robotics: £22,260

UK EU referendum and tuition fees

Please see here for updated information regarding the EU referendum and associated tuition fees for 2018 entry.

Useful Information

The University Council reserves the right to revise fees at any time without previous notice.

An offer of a place at the University cannot be confirmed until evidence that you can pay your tuition fees and support yourself has been produced - for example evidence of a scholarship award from an awarding body such as The British Council. If you are a self-financing student, you will be required to sign a statement that you accept your obligation to pay fees and that you will do so when they are due. You will not be permitted to continue your studies if you fail to pay the fees.