Alumni Stories - Aintony Enyedi

Aintony Enyedi

Name: Aintony Enyedi
Qualification: MEng (Honours) Computer Science/Software Engineering (2007)
Employer: Fujitsu
Job description: Application Services Department, contracts with NHS, Inland Revenue, Post Office and MOD

Teamwork and business knowledge skills gained from University

The team projects which I was involved in throughout University helped me significantly in both getting a job offer from Fujitsu Services and in my current job role. Such projects helped me develop my general team working skills and basic project management/organisation skills, which are essential to building a successful career within a large organisation like Fujitsu Services. What exactly defines good teamwork? Well, firstly, you need to be able to put your ideas and opinions across coherently and concisely to others, whilst also not dismissing the views of others and perhaps building upon existing ideas. A confident approach to the way you speak and listen also affects how the rest of the team perceives you; it plays a significant part in how your ideas are received.

Try to be team leader in one of the team projects at least. Although this would add some extra work to your role within the team, it will help you develop your organisation, communication and forward planning skills. It is these skills that companies like Fujitsu Services look for when recruiting graduates and are even more important than raw technical ability alone.

Business knowledge, from modules like International Business and Marketing, also helped me. As Fujitsu Services is a large international company, it is good to understand the bigger picture of how this company operates. Such business skills are tested in the final assessment centre, where you are asked to make business decisions in a time-critical situation and are also used at various graduate events/tasks throughout the graduate programme.

Best things about studying Computer Science at Birmingham

The wide network of support and advice was, for me, the best thing about studying Computer Science at Birmingham. Some of the lecturers are leading researchers in their area of interest and it is reassuring to know that you are supported by such high knowledgeable people. In addition to this, there is always someone there to give you help and advice. This may be from other students, social networks (COGS) or exercise classes.

The facilities make Birmingham University stand out from other Universities. The recently built Computer Science building is modern, sophisticated and well facilitated, with 24/7 access.

Setting aside the working aspect, I also enjoyed the sporting events such as the School of Computer Science football and rugby teams!

Working for Fujitsu

The best things about my new job are the responsibilities which I am given and the social networking with the other graduates of 2007. The graduate programme keeps you constantly in touch with the rest of the graduate intake of 2007 - there are already countless socialising events going on throughout the country, in addition to the graduate programme specific events. I have recently come back from a graduate event in the Lake District, which is a compulsory part of the Graduate Programme. We did many different, activities such as canoeing, assault courses and crawling through underground tunnels as part of the focus on personal and team development.

My long term plans are to become Senior/Executive Management, hopefully within Fujitsu. As well as the monetary rewards, I find the personal rewards also very appealing, such as the extra responsibility and having a decisive role in how the future of a large international company progresses.