Alumni Stories - Hardev Ubhi

Name: Hardev Ubhi
Course: MSc Computer Science

In 2002, Hardev graduated with an MSc in Computer Science. He's now an IT Project Manager for BT.

"My first degree was in business studies, and included a placement year as a project manager with the NHS.

I then began working for a specialist consultancy in London that advises finance sector clients on quality assurance for their e-commerce applications. The job took me abroad a lot; one assignment was in New York where I worked on a project with a major investment bank.

Because I was interested in developing my IT skills, I decided to take an MSc in computer science. BT run an IT programme which I joined as I was keen to use my technical skills in a business environment. I've worked as a programmer, a business analyst, a systems architect and I am now an IT project manager, running projects for different divisions in BT. I've had an amazing number of opportunities with the company and worked in different locations in the UK before taking my current role in the West Midlands.

I'm from Birmingham originally so I was pleased to come back here to work. Its becoming more prosperous and has all the benefits of city living, but it's also close to some lovely countryside. I enjoy working here as there's a real friendliness and warmth to the city, not to mention an excellent nightlife and superb shopping!"