Alumni Stories - Justin Wilkes

Name: Justin Wilkes
Qualifications: Computer Science and Software Engineering, 2005
Current job: Comms and High Tech, Accenture. My role involves providing IT consultation for companies in the communication and high tech space.

Which skills learnt at university benefit you particularly in your job?

A good general understanding of programming over a variety of languages, the ability to be flexible and adaptive and the ability to communicate accurately.

How did you progress from university into your current job?

By applying early during my final year at university, something I would definitely recommend.

What is your career plan for the future?

To continue working within the consulting environment, specialising when possible.

What were the best things about studying Computer Science at Birmingham?

The variety of courses available after the first year and the enthusiasm of the lecturers

What are the best things about your current job?

The variation of work, the continued challenge from both the work and the people and the fact that learning is actively encouraged.