Alumni Stories - Sam Davies

Sam Davies

Name: Sam Davies
Qualifications: BSc Music and Audio Engineering; MSc Computer Science
University: University of Birmingham
Employer: BBC
Job Title: Research Engineer

Before coming to do the MSc I studied a Music and Audio Engineering degree.  Upon graduation I found I needed much more in-depth computing knowledge to work in my chosen field.  I looked at several universities that offered the MSc conversion course, but chose Birmingham due to the variety of modules offered, and the reputation that the department and the university had. 

Whilst the course was quite challenging, it was also incredibly rewarding and I found that it fully prepared me for my chosen career.  One particular aspect I enjoyed was the summer project. None of the projects offered appealed to me and so I chose my own.  I decided to look at the subject of automatic music recommendation - recommending music to a user based upon what other music they liked. This gave me the opportunity to not only use my previous degree, but to also study other aspects of it in much greater detail such as data streaming, internet technologies and data structures.

I am currently working as a Research Engineer for BBC Research and Development, working on different projects, such as Audio over IP for audio distribution between studios and satellite transmission chains for Five Live and Sports Extra radio.  I am constantly relying on not only the specific knowledge gained on the course (such as SQL and distributed systems) but also on more general skills, such as programming, which have enabled me to rapidly learn languages not taught on the course… Overall I found that skills and techniques developed during the course have become invaluable…