Alumni Stories - Sameer Suhail Hussain

Sameer Suhail Hussain

Name: Sameer Suhail Hussain
Qualification:MEng Computer Science/Software Engineering (First Class Honours), 2006
Employer: E.ON UK (IT Graduate Programme)
Job description: IT Graduate Trainee

After graduating, I took a year out to spend time pursuing my hobbies and also got involved in some volunteering work. I’ve always enjoyed designing web sites because it allows me to combine my IT expertise with my creative talent. I designed a web site for a local private tuition company, as well as launching a site to promote my local city in Pakistan, Dadyaal. This was a challenging task and involved me interacting with local shop owners, convincing them to have their own promotional page on After applying for graduate jobs, I went through psychometric testing, interviews and assessment centres. A few months later, I managed to get two offers for IT graduate programmes (HSBC and E.ON).

Life at E.ON UK

As an IT graduate at E.ON, I can apply my IT skills and knowledge to different parts of the business. My first placement was as a Business Analyst in Retail, where I learnt about key systems which support the process of managing business customers. Currently, I am a Technical Project Manager within Central Networks. I’m very fortunate to gain project management experience, especially considering that I am only five months into my career.

Best times as a student

The best aspect of being a student was being part of a large institution and making several friends, as well as doing well academically. The School of Computer Science is a great place to be, lecturers are friendly and helpful, and the environment is relaxed yet professional.

My academic performance increased significantly over the years because I became more familiar with the type of studying required at University. In the first year, I struggled with programming especially Java and some of the modules were too technical for me. However, through patience and hard work, I gradually improved my understanding of the subject. Being able to come back and do well was the best thing about my four years. This developed my confidence and self-esteem. In the end, I did well because I planned ahead and was organised in my approach to studies. My final year project which was supervised by Dr. Manfred Kerber, was an opportunity to apply everything I had learnt to one big piece of work. I developed software for academic institutions, assisting teachers by facilitating key activities, e.g. monitoring student progress through interactive grade books and enhancing communication between students and teachers.

I enjoyed getting involved in cricket, especially an indoor tournament at the Edgbaston Indoor Cricket Centre. The Islamic Society held various interesting events and it was good to have a prayer room, as well as Friday prayers on campus. My religion helped me considerably in managing my time, being organised and disciplined whilst studying. I really enjoyed being a part of a massive institution and meeting people from many different backgrounds. The campus environment is lively and looks great, especially during the summer.

The most satisfying aspect of doing well at University was making my parents and the rest of my family proud by doing justice to my potential. There were times when I felt stressed but getting through it all was well worth it.

Living in Birmingham

Birmingham is my home city and I’m glad I stayed loyal to it because it kept me close to family and friends. There is something special about the city which is why it is doing so well, never mind the football.