School of Computer Science

Introduction to AI

Assessed Exercises

Doing the Exercises

You can work on the exercises at any time before the deadline. A lab session will be held from 3pm to 6pm on in LG04 in the School of Computer Science on the Thursday in the week before each exercise is due. In this lab session a number of demonstrators will be present to help you with all aspects of this exercise.

Plagiarism, Collaboration etc.

Plagiarism will not be tolerated. Anyone caught plagiarising will fail the exercise and be reported to the Senior Tutor. You are allowed (and even encouraged) to discuss this work with your peers and even help each other when stuck. However it is important that you remember that your exam will feature similar questions, and your peers (and the Internet etc.) will not be available to you then. So, please make sure you understand what you are doing and why.

Getting the Exercise Marked

This exercise will be marked in front of you by a demonstrator in a lab session in LG04 from 3pm to 6pm on day of the stated deadline. We are marking in this way to provide you with immediate feedback on your work, and also so we can attempt to gauge your understanding of the taught material. Your marking group determines which hour to turn up in. The marking groups are listed with the exercise..

Each exercise is worth up to 7% of your module mark.

Presenting Your Answers

As your answers will be marked with you present, you do not need to spend a great deal of time on the presentation or formatting of your work. Please just make sure your answers (and the necessary working) are clear and legible, and that you are able to explain them to a fellow human being. If the marker is unable to understand your answers, you will be asked to work on them again and rejoin the list of students to be marked.

Lateness, Illness, Missing the Lab etc.

If you miss the marking lab, or fail to get your work marked within your allotted hour, you will be awarded 0 for the exercise. If you miss the lab, or think you will miss the lab, due to a welfare reason, please contact the welfare team. They will then contact us about the situation.

Assessed Exercises...

# Exercise Group 1 Marking Group 2 Marking Group 3 Marking Solutions
1 Search LG04, October 18th, 3pm LG04, October 18th, 4pm LG04, October 18th, 5pm Solution
2 Probabilistic AI LG04, November 15th, 3pm LG04, November 15th, 4pm LG04, November 15th, 5pm Solution
3 Machine Learning LG04, December 6th, 3pm LG04, December 6th, 4pm LG04, December 6th, 5pm Solution

Non-Assessed Exercises...

The following exercises are from previous years. You can use them to practice or revise concepts for the assessed exercises or exam.