Internet Software Systems

Internet Computing Workshop

Welcome to the pages for the Internet Computing Workshop at the School of Computer Science.

You should bookmark this page, because you will need to refer to this site frequently throughout the course. Each week a new exercise will be posted here for you to complete, and there will also be comment sheets and example code available once an exercise has been completed.

As well as the workshop exercises, these pages provides links to a number of resources which will help you during the course. There are administrative resources, such as timetables and tutorial group lists, and there are programming resources to help you complete the workshop.

You are encouraged to make use of the course newsgroup, This is a group for discussion of any issues relating to the course. If you have any questions, hints or other comments then they can be posted here and will be readable by the course tutors and other students. You'll probably find this one of the best ways to get help and advice.