Course Assessment


The course is a 20 credit module running in semester 1, the aim of which is to give you practical experience of designing, building, and analysing intelligent mobile robots.

Good teamwork is an essential part of this course. The team size for projects is three. If you know other people on the course, it is suggested you get yourselves into a team ASAP, and notify Noel or one of the demonstrators of the team members. Otherwise, we will assign teams in the first workshop sessions. Teams are expected to have regular team meetings, and demonstrate equal and fair division of workload, as well as effective communication and conflict resolution.


The first assignment will give you practice applying the scientific method. It is worth 10% of your mark. It is due 25th October 2010.

Now Assignment 1 has been returned, you should read Towards Principled Experimental Study of Autonomous Mobile Robots, and the reports of Team 4 and Team 12. The two linked reports received the highest marks for this assignment. These reports are not perfect but can serve as a model of presenting your work in your final report. “Towards Principled Experimental Study” is an excellent example of what the title says. If you can achieve this standard in your final report you will do very well.

The second assignment is the main project for the course, worth 90% of your mark. In brief:

  • 20% Final Project Demo (5% explanation, 15% performance of the robot) — Sometime during the week beginning 22nd of November, 2010

    Over a maximum of twenty minutes, you should demonstrate the full capabilities of your robot, emphasising robustness and how you have achieved the aims set out in your specification.

    Note there also will likely be a public demonstration. Your final mark will then be the highest of the marks you receive at the public and private demonstration.

  • 80% Final project writeup — due 12:00 December 13th 2010

Your website is due on Friday, December 17th. Email a link to a zip or tarball containing your site to Noel. Make sure you use relative paths and remember that the Unix file system is case sensitive, unlike Windows. Make sure you send your email by 5pm.

Masters (Level 4) students are required to complete an essay in addition to the above group work.