Module 21156 (2011)

Module Description - Information & the Web

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Module TitleInformation & the Web
SchoolComputer Science
Module Code06-21156
Member of StaffIain Styles
Contact hours36
Delivery3 hrs/week lectures, tutorials and exercise classes
DescriptionThe module introduces issues relating to the structuring, representation, storage, exchange and presentation of information, and the processing of such information using appropriate tools. The module will use the WWW as a framework within which to introduce these concepts and will introduce the students to appropriate technologies. The students will work both indivividually and in teams in order to develop a solid understanding of both the technical aspects of developing for the WWW, and of the issues involved in managing a small software project.
On successful completion of this module, the student should be able to:Assessed by:
understand and be able to apply computer science and software engineering principles relating to the representation, storage, exchange, querying, manipulation and presentation of information Continuous Assessment
understand and use a selection of technologies for constructing web pages Continuous Assessment
apply the key elements of good project management Continuous Assessment
work effectively in a team Continuous Assessment
communicate effectively in written reports and oral presentations Continuous Assessment
AssessmentSessional: 100% continuous assessment, consisting of three individual assignments (20% each) and a team project (40%). The team project will involve the production of a short report and presentation.
Supplementary (where allowed): By repeat only.
TextsMeredith Belbin, Team Roles at Work, 2003
Nigel Chapman and Jenny Chapman, Web Design, 2006
Paul Wang & Sanda Katila, Introduction to Web Design and Programming, 2003
Erik Ray, Learning XML, 2001
R W Sebesta, Programming the World Wide Web, 2006