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MSc in Natural Computation [4586]


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Please read the notes below the module table.

WARNING: Programme descriptions for future academic years are subject to change.

Follow the link from the module code to see the full Syllabus Page for each of the modules taught by the School of Computer Science.
(Any links to modules taught outside the School are to the Academic Office web site, and may not work.)

Students take the following modules to an overall total of 180 credits.

Code Module Sem1 Sem2 Summer

Compulsory Modules to a total of 180 credits
06 06991 Research Skills 10    
06 12412 Introduction to Neural Computation 10    
06 22753 Introduction to Evolutionary Computation 10    
06 07953 First semester mini-project 30    
06 22457 Quantum Computing and Cryptography   10  
06 12416 Nature Inspired Optimisation   10  
06 12418 Nature Inspired Design   10  
06 07954 Second semester mini-project   30  
06 02637 Project - Advanced MSc     60


  1. Students must pass 06 07953 First semester mini-project and 06 07954 Second semester mini-project before being allowed to proceed to the MSc project.
  2. Students' individual programmes of study must be approved by the Programme Director (as the nominee of the Head of School). In particular, students who have taken any of the first semester taught modules as undergraduates within the School may substitute up to 30 credits of Level 3/H or 4/M modules from the School's other programmes, subject to the approval of the Programme Director. Note that the MSc Regulations treat modules below Level 4/M very differently from those at Level 4/M.

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