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BSc in Artificial Intelligence & Computer Science [0144]
BSc in Artificial Intelligence & Computer Science with an Industrial Year [9502]

Second Year, 2011/12

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Please read the notes below the module table.

WARNING: Programme descriptions for future academic years are subject to change.

Follow the link from the module code to see the full Syllabus Page for each of the modules taught by the School of Computer Science.
(Any links to modules taught outside the School are to the Academic Office web site, and may not work.)

Students take the following modules to an overall total of 120 credits.

Code Module Sem1 Sem2

Compulsory Modules to a total of 110 credits
06 19343 Software System Components 1 20  
06 19321 Software System Components 2   20
06 18519 Communication Skills & Professional Issues 10  
06 08165 Software Workshop Team Java   10
06 19341 Introduction to Natural Computation 10  
06 02640 Machine Learning 10  
06 02630 Software Workshop Prolog 10  
06 19339 Computational Vision   10
06 02495 Natural Language Processing 1   10

Optional Modules to a total of 10 credits
06 19340 Computer Systems & Architecture   10
06 05934 Models of Computation   10


  1. Progress Decisions Refer to the University Regulations for further information on the general rules governing progression. There are no additional programme requirements.
  2. Module Failure The Syllabus web page for every module defines the resit rules if they are different from the first attempt -- follow the links under the module code.

Undergraduate Degree Programmes for 2011/12