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Programmes with an Industrial Year
Leave of Absence

[For the academic year 2011/12]


Programmes with an Industrial Year
Leave of Absence (=Temporary Withdrawal)
Important Notes

Programmes with an Industrial Year


All the School's degree programmes (with the exception of the BSc Computer Science with Study Abroad) can be taken with "an Industrial Year" which can be taken between the second and third years of study.

The Industrial Year involves:

During your industrial year, you will be registered on the 120 credit module Computer Science Industrial Placement. There is a formal module specification for this module.

Applications for the Industrial Year

Applications to undertake the Industrial Year will be accepted from the start of the Summer Term (after Easter) to 15th May of the year in which the placement starts (later applications may be accepted). Note that you must already have a placement arranged at a company in order to apply for the Industrial Year.

To apply for an Industrial Year, please fill in the application form and send it to the Industrial Placements Tutor, with an accompanying signed cover letter asking to undertake the Industrial Year. An e-mail is not sufficient.

The company involved will be contacted during the processing of the application to ensure that they are willing to support the student's application and the training and project work available meets the programme requirements of the Industrial Year.

If you meet the requirements for the placement year and you are not already registered on the "with an industrial year" version of your programme, we will arrange for you to transfer to the appropriate programme. If you are already registered on an "with an industrial year" programme but do not meet the academic requirements for the placement year, or cannot find a suitable industrial placement, you will be transferred to the degree programme without the industrial year component.

Application form:


To be confirmed.

Now read the Important Notes below.

Leave of Absence

The term 'Leave of Absence' (also called 'Temporary Withdrawal') refers to being given permission to be absent from the University for a period of time, usually an academic year. You must have permission. You cannot simply 'disappear' -- if you do you will be awarded 0 for all the examinations you should have taken.

It is possible to ask for Leave of Absence for a year, and then work in industry. Although this is sometimes referred to as 'undertaking a placement', strictly speaking it is not. Unlike undertaking the placement as part of a Programme "with an Industrial Year", no qualification will be awarded and no fees are payable. To apply for Leave of Absence for these reasons, please complete the application form.

Overseas students on a Tier 4 visa who take a Leave of Absence are normally not allowed to remain in the UK and have to return to their home country. Overseas students who wish to undertake a placement must be transferred on a "...with an industrial year" course if they are not yet registered on one. Overseas students should not take a Leave of Absence to take up a placement. We recommend that students with a Tier 4 visa should always contact the University's International Students Advisory Service for information on their visa conditions if they change programme or if they intend to take up placement.

Leave of Absence may also be granted for reasons of health or other personal factors; in this case it may be for less than a year and it need not involve work in industry. The Welfare Tutor, Volker Sorge, handles applications for Leave of Absence for medical/personal reasons.

Now read the Important Notes below.

Important Notes

  1. Neither undertaking the industrial placement year of a Programme "with an Industrial Year" nor being given Leave of Absence are a right. In both cases, you must ask for permission. You need to do this before you begin. Where possible, approach the School at start of Term 3 (i.e. the end of the Easter vacation). The latest date is normally 31 August.

    In all cases, you need formal written permission from the appropriate person:

    • Students wishing to undertake the placement as part of a Programme "with an Industrial Year" need permission from the Industrial Placements Tutor. Complete the application form (see below).

    • Students wishing to take Leave of Absence for a year in order to work need permission from the Director of Undergraduate Studies, Peter Tiño. Complete the application form (see below).

    • Students wishing to take Leave of Absence for health or other personal reasons need permission from the Welfare Tutor, Volker Sorge. (3) below does not apply in this case -- the letter agreeing your leave will set out the conditions applying to examinations. You need to write a letter to him (see below).

  2. Asking for permission requires either completing the application form for a Programme "with an Industrial Year", the application form for Leave of Absence on non-medical grounds, or writing a signed letter. These should should be addressed to the relevant member of staff listed above and should be submitted to the School Office. An e-mail is NOT sufficient; the School must receive a signed form or letter. No-one other than these three members of staff can give you permission to take a 'year off'. Taking a 'year off' without proper permission will normally result in your being given 0 for all that year's examinations.

  3. Permission to undertake the Industrial Year or to take Leave of Absence in order to work does not allow you to be absent from resit examinations at any time during the year and is conditional on your not having any modules to repeat during the year. If you miss any examinations by being on a 'year off', then you will receive a mark of 0.

    Serious problems have arisen when students did not undertand this rule. Suppose you were given permission at Easter to do the placement as part of a Programme "with an Industrial Year" or to take Leave of Absence during the next year in order to work, and you then failed one or more modules in the May/June examinations.

    If you were given a repeat, you would have to give up the 'year off'. If you were given a resit, you would have to take time off to do this. (Students who are permanently resident abroad can normally arrange to take examinations in their home country, but this has to be arranged with the University Examinations Office almost immediately the results are known. Home students working abroad have to return to the UK to take examinations.)

  4. If you undertake a placement year as part of the Programme with an Industrial Year, and you fail the placement module, you will be permitted to transfer to the degree programme without the Year in Industry component.

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