School of Computer Science


Email & Computing resources

Many important messages are sent by email, so it is important to check this regularly. Normally, you should use your Computer Science email account (, accessible through webmail or a normal mail client.

However, you will also also have a second, University email account (, which is accessible from here. This is will occasionally be sent important or official messages, so we strongly recommend that you forward your mail from this account to your Computer Science one (or vice versa, if you prefer).

By default, research students' email addressed are based on their University-generated usernames ( but you can apply for an email address that is based on your initials and surname.

For advice about setting up email, printers, remote access, etc., you should first check:

In general, if you have a problem with computer hardware or software, you should make a request through the:

making sure that your requests states you need Computer Science support. You will need your University login for this.

If you have any problems with logins or setting up your account, see Computer Support in room UG46.


The School has a number of photocopiers for staff and research student use. To use these, you need to obtain a photocopier code from the School's library assistant. There is no upper limit set on the number of copies you can make but a record of the number of copies is kept. If you make far more copies than most research students, the Research Students Tutor will have a word with you!

The photocopiers in room 205 and in the School Library are attached to the School network and can be used to print multiple copies of documents in various formats.

The University Library also has a number of photocopiers which can be used by purchasing a voucher card. The School library assistant can issue research students with a free photocopier card so that reference material can be photocopied. Again, a record of the number of cards issued to individuals is kept and if the number requested is excessive, the Research Students Tutor will have a word with you!

Meeting rooms

The Computer Science building has several meeting rooms which can be booked for meetings (including thesis group meetings), seminars, presentations or group study. You can book them using this site. Empty meeting rooms can also be used at any time, but be ready to leave should someone with a booking arrive!


The School Library in on the first floor of the School's building. This library contains reference material, text books for the taught modules, periodicals and some specialised research material. Periodicals in the School Library are listed in the University Library's online catalogue.

The University Library has several locations. Most research students will need to use the Main Library which is in the centre of campus. The Barnes Medical Library is sometimes of use, particulary for work in vision. This is located in the Medical School. All holdings are listed in the University Library's online catalogue. There is no need to register with the University Library as your University identity card is also your library card.

The University Library offers an interlibrary loan service. This enables you to request documents that are not held by the University. Items have to be requested on a special form which can be obtained from the School Library. This is quite an expensive service as there is a charge for each item ordered. So, you must ensure the information you give about the document is complete and correct. There may also be a limit on the number of items you can order at any one time.