Job Description for the Head of Student Development and Support

The suggested job description given here was provided by the University centrally. Some adaptation is likely to be necessary for the School.

"The role of the Head of Student Development and Support will differ slightly for each School, but there are specific responsibilities and duties, which must be undertaken by this member of staff:

  • Production of the School Student Support policy, which clearly identifies the arrangements for tutoring, progress review, academic feedback and learning support for students;
  • Ensure effective communication with students, particularly before they begin their studies and at the beginning of the year, to ensure they are aware of the Schools support mechanisms, University services and practical arrangements for tutorials, progress reviews and feedback;
  • Arrange training and briefing events for School staff regarding tutoring, progress reviews and academic feedback relating to the arrangements defined above. Liaise with Corporate Services to arrange briefings, communicate SDU and external training events to School staff;
  • Oversee the induction process for new students and continuing students to ensure a smooth transition to Higher Education, but also into subsequent years or for different experiences that may be part of the curriculum, for example year abroad or year in industry;
  • Champion the embedding of academic and personal skills development within academic programmes, and facilitate support for student employability and career-related work in the School
  • Liaise with key University student support services, such as the Careers Centre, Student Funding office and Student Support and Counselling, to ensure effective partnership working between the School and Departments and the University;
  • Provide advice for Tutors, in the School, relating to particularly difficult student cases;
  • Ensure the communication channel between the academic curriculum structure and the student support mechanisms is effective -- so that Tutors are familiar with the requirements of the programmes, assessment arrangements etc;
  • Establish effective mechanisms for ensuring quality for the student support arrangements in the School, including annual review through the University BIQEAS system;
  • Work closely with the Director of Learning and Teaching, Head of Academic Programmes and other key personnel in the School to ensure the overall quality of student experience;
  • Ensure there is an effective system for considering mitigation during the exam period, including attendance at Exam Boards and to nominate a deputy during this time to deal with urgent issues if the Head of Student Development and Support is absent;
  • To ensure arrangements are in place, through liaison with other Schools, where students are studying joint honours programmes.

NB: Multi-Departmental Schools -- role may be slightly different in multi-departmental schools, in that the Head of Student Development and Support may need to have more of a co-ordination and overseeing role."