School of Computer Science

Information on Examinations

At the end of the academic year, around the beginning of May, you will sit final exam papers. These typically count for 80-100% of your final module mark. You will have the four weeks of the Easter Break and the first two weeks of the Summer Term to revise for them. For each module there is at least one scheduled Revision Lecture at the beginning of the Summer Term. In our experience, though, these come too late for students with serious gaps in their understanding. This is yet another way of saying that there is no alternative to working continuously in each module as it is presented.

Students who fail to achieve credit in First or Second Year modules at the first attempt, have the right to one further opportunity for assessment - typically (but not always) in the same form as the main assessment. Note that you are strictly limited to one opportunity to retrieve a failure. Resit examinations take place in late August / early September of each year. The maximum recorded mark for a module following successful re-assessment is limited to the pass mark for the module

Further information on examinations can be found on the Examinations Office Webpage. Here you will find up-to-date information on the following:

Past Exam Papers