School of Computer Science

Student Attendance and Reasonable Dilligence

The University has a Code of Practice on Student Attendance and Reasonable Diligence.

The School must check that every single student shows reasonable diligence. You are obliged to:

  • Submit all your coursework. (If you can't finish it, submit what you have finished by the deadline. If you have not finished anything, submit a note saying so.)
  • Attend all compulsory tutorials and laboratory sessions, etc.
  • Attend all advisorial sessions (currently this mainly concerns first year students), likewise progress tutorials.
  • Attend all meetings with your final year project supervisor (at least every second week in person, other meetings may be replaced by other forms of contact such as email or phone call).
  • Attend all other compulsory events.
  • Register with the Teaching Support Office at the start of the autumn and the spring term. There will be a tight deadline for doing so. This will be specified at the Office and it will be only a few days after the first day of term.

The School has mechanisms in place to monitor your attendance. This includes taking registers of attendance at advisorial sessions, meetings with your project supervisor, and certain modules. As part of this, we will also monitor your attendance at various points over the academic year, as part of the University's code of practice and obligations to monitor the attendance of non-EEA students in accordance with the Points-Based System.

If you do not show reasonable diligence as outlined in the Code of Practice, we will initiate the procedures set out in the Code of Practice, which might result in your being required to withdraw from your programme. For this reason, please:

  • If you miss an assignment deadline or a compulsory event with good reason, then contact the school's welfare team for advice. If possible, please do this in advance so that alternative arrangements can be made for you. If you are ill, then please contact the welfare team as soon as you are able to do so. For more information, please refer to welfare.
  • Read your email on a daily basis and keep your postal addresses (term time and home address) up-to-date on

For international students, the UK Border Agency stipulates that all educational institutions who are licensed to sponsor students that require a visa must monitor their students' engagement with their programmes of study. As such, the University has a legal duty to report international students with a visa who do not fully engage with their programme of study. Being reported to the UK Border Agency would have serious implications for a student's immigration status and their ability to remain in the UK. It is therefore essential that regular attendance and active engagement (as outlined above) is maintained throughout your programme of study.

If you are an international student, you are strongly advised to contact the International Students Advisory Service (ISAS) in the Aston Webb Building if you have any concerns about your visa or your immigration status. ISAS can be contacted at +44 (0)121 414 8464, or by email to ISAS.