School of Computer Science

Student Representation

We want you to be an active member of this community right from the beginning. There are many ways in which you can get involved and which will contribute to the well-being of this community.

Module Feedback

By being an active learner, asking questions, and seeking advice you give us lecturers useful feedback on the quality of our teaching. Only when we are aware of students' difficulties can we improve our lectures as the semester progresses. The School has an established system for formal feedback on all modules: Twice each semester you will be asked by the module provider to fill in a module questionnaire. We collate and analyse this information to see where improvements are necessary.


More recently, the Government has introduced a National Student Survey. Again, this is an excellent source of information for us, allowing us to see how well we do across the whole range of teaching provision. Since the questionnaires are the same for everyone, we can compare ourselves with other departments of the University and other Computer Science departments in the country. Please take part in these surveys and give us your honest opinion.

Computer Science Society

Get involved with CSS, our Computer Science Student society. CSS provide help, support and fun, and aim to make your time with the School a more enjoyable and productive experience. They produce a regular newsletter and organise social events in and outside the School such as gaming tournaments, pub crawls and paint-balling.

Student Reps

At the beginning of each year you will be invited to vote for the student representatives of your degree programme. Please consider standing yourself and definitely take part in the elections. Many School committees have statutory student representation, and the opinion of students is taken very seriously in the decision process. If you have forgotten who your representative is, you can check the page.

Staff/Student Consultative Committee

All student representatives meet twice a term with members of staff in the Student-Staff Consultative Committee. It is a forum where we can discuss all matters that affect you as a group of students. Discussions are minuted and at the next meeting there is an opportunity to review the progress that has been made on the issues raised.

Terms of Reference

  1. Provides annual reports to the Guild and the School QAC.
  2. Provides a forum for consultation and discussion between student representatives and staff responsible for programme provision on all relevant matters affecting taught students within the School.
  3. All meetings are open to any member of the Academic Staff of the School or any student to attend if they have a particular interest in the agenda.

Note, though, that going via the SSCC would usually be too slow and roundabout a process for resolving issues with individual modules. For these you should seek a discussion with the member of staff responsible as soon as the issue becomes apparent.

Committee Meeting Dates and Times 2018/19

Date* Time* Location*
October 24th 2018 1-2pm 112 Chemical Engineering
November 21st 2018 1-2pm B23 Mechanical Engineering
February 6th 2019 1-2pm B03 Mechanical Engineering
March 6th 2019 1-2pm B23 Mechanical Engineering

*Please note these are subject to change throughout the year so please check back.

Past Agendas and Minutes

Past agendas and minutes are available here.