School of Computer Science


Important Information

  1. For the most accurate and up to date timetable information, please see your personalised timetable via the My.Bham portal. Your personalised timetable is unique to you and may differ to that of your peers depending on the allocation of different groups.

  2. For more general information on the School of Computer Science timetable including looking at specific modules or programmes, please refer to the Live Timetables page. Instructions on how to use the live page are listed.

  3. Optional Modules: While we endeavour to provide as much choice as possible, there may be timetabling constraints that mean not all optional choices may be available in a particular year. Students must also be aware of any pre-requisite and/or co-requisite modules when selecting their options.

  4. Timetable Clashes: Students will make preliminary module choices usually before the Easter break giving the Timetable Office opportunity to clash-check modules and make changes before the start of the new term.

General Guidance

Start of Term

  • In Term 1, School of Computer Science lectures for everyone except Year 1 begin at 0900 (9am) on the first Monday of term. (Note: This might be different for lectures organised by other Schools, e.g. on Joint Honours programmes.)
  • In Terms 2 and 3, lectures take place as normal on the first Monday.


  • To find out which modules are included in your programme-year, see the Degree Programmes page and select the correct Academic Year.
  • Some degree programmes include modules from different levels, so you need to check the timetables carefully.

Using the Timetable

Where Groups, Exercise Classes, Labs, etc. are displayed on the live University Timetable, you may not be required to attend all of them. This should be explained in the first lecture; check with the module lecturer(s) if you are in any doubt.

Lab Timetables

Computer Science labs are not listed on the Live Timetables page, below are the schedules broken down by term and then by lab, please ensure you check each lab.

Semester 1 Semester 2
UG04 UG04
LG04 LG04
LG36 LG36


If you are unsure or have any queries, contact your Personal Tutor, Module Leader, or the Education Support Office (