School of Computer Science

Student Welfare

Sometimes problems do occur. As a School we are committed to providing student support for both academic and welfare problems. The school's welfare team are here to help you deal with any and all welfare matters and their effect on your studies.

If you have a welfare problem, please come straight to the welfare team. You do not need to tell your lecturers, we will do this for you if it is necessary and we will never share the details of your situation.

The welfare team provide a welfare session each day during which time any student can drop in and have a chat. You MUST inform the the welfare team if any special circumstances occur which might affect your ability to study. If you do not then it may be difficult to take these circumstances into account during the examination board meetings.

The Wellbeing Officer for the School is Mia Wright. Her email address is

The Welfare hours for the 2017-18 year are 2pm til 3pm on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, however changes to this will be on the Canvas page. Wednesday drop-in times may vary due to room availability and Fridays are by appointment only. Appointments can be made outside of these times by emailing the address above.

If you want more information, support and guidance. Or for announcements or changes in Welfare drop-in times, please see the Welfare Canvas page.

A number of useful self-help guides have been produced by the University, and you may find it useful to consult them, but they are not a substitute for proper advice. If you feel that you are affected by the issues that they cover then please contact the welfare team who will be able to give you further help.

The Disability, Learning Support and Mental Health Service allow you to register yourself with their services via an online registration form.