School of Computer Science

Intelligent Robotics Lab

Nick and the robots Rover planning

Welcome to the Intelligent Robotics Lab in the School of Computer Science at the University of Birmingham. Our work covers all aspects of intelligent robotics: computer vision, knowledge representation and reasoning, cognitive systems and architectures, interactive learning, manipulation, kinematics and dynamics.

Academic Staff

  • Dr. Morteza Azad
    Kinematics, dynamics and control of robots, specially humanoids and under-actuated robots.

  • Dr. Hyung Jin Chang
    Human-centered visual recognition and understanding, human-robot interaction, computer vision and machine learning.

  • Prof. Ales Leonardis
    Computer/cognitive vision, object and scene recognition and categorization, statistical visual learning, object tracking, and biologically motivated vision.

  • Dr. David Parker
    Formal methods for quantiative verification, multi-robot decision making

  • Dr. Mohan Sridharan
    Knowledge representation and reasoning, machine learning, cognitive systems, and computational vision, in the context of human-robot or human-agent collaboration.

  • Dr. Claudio Zito
    Mapping perception into actions to model intelligent behaviours for next-gen AI systems, robotics, computer vision.

  • Prof. Aaron Sloman
    (Honorary professor) biological evolution and development of cognitive mechanisms, artificial epigenesis, modelling ancient pre-logical mathematical cognition, architectures for biologically inspired artificial minds

  • Prof. Jeremy Wyatt
    (Honorary professor) Autonomous robot planning, robot architectures, robot manipulation, machine vision and machine learning.

Research Fellows

  • Dr. Hector Basevi
  • Dr. Paulo Ferreira

Research Students

  • Rusen Aktas
  • Mohammad Ani
  • Ermano Arruda
  • Edoardo Bacci
  • Wei Chen
  • Fatma Faruq
  • Laura Ferrante
  • Nora Horanyi
  • Ferdian Jovan
  • James Kelly
  • Michael Mathew
  • Irfan Muhammad
  • Oliver Kamperis
  • Oliver Kim
  • Mark Robson
  • Saif Sidhik

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