School of Computer Science


Academic Staff

  • Dr. Morteza Azad
    Kinematics, dynamics and control of robots, specially humanoids and under-actuated robots.

  • Dr. Hyung Jin Chang
    Human-centered visual recognition and understanding, human-robot interaction, computer vision and machine learning.

  • Prof. Ales Leonardis
    Computer/cognitive vision, object and scene recognition and categorization, statistical visual learning, object tracking, and biologically motivated vision.

  • Dr. David Parker
    Formal methods for quantiative verification, multi-robot decision making

  • Dr. Mohan Sridharan
    Knowledge representation and reasoning, machine learning, cognitive systems, and computational vision, in the context of human-robot or human-agent collaboration.

  • Dr. Claudio Zito
    Mapping perception into actions to model intelligent behaviours for next-gen AI systems, robotics, computer vision.

  • Prof. Aaron Sloman
    (Honorary professor) Meta-morphogenesis

  • Prof. Jeremy Wyatt
    (Honorary professor) Autonomous robot planning, robot architectures, robot manipulation, machine vision and machine learning.

Research Fellows

  • Dr. Hector Basevi
  • Dr. Paulo Ferreira

Research Students

  • Rusen Aktas
  • Mohammad Ani
  • Ermano Arruda
  • Edoardo Bacci
  • Wei Chen
  • Fatma Faruq
  • Laura Ferrante
  • Nora Horanyi
  • Ferdian Jovan
  • James Kelly
  • Michael Mathew
  • Irfan Muhammad
  • Oliver Kamperis
  • Oliver Kim
  • Mark Robson
  • Saif Sidhik

Some lab alumni

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