Metaphor Views

Abilities Are Entities Inside A Personmml
Acting On Is Transferring An Objectmml
Action Is Alivemml
Action Is Control Over A Possessionmml
Action Is Motionmml
Affection Is Warmthmml
Amount Is Lengthmml
Amount Is Sizemml
Amount Is Verticalitymml
Amount Is Weightmml
Anger Is Heatmml
Anger Is Insanityself
Animate Being As Inanimate Objectself
Arrangements As Physical Manipulationself
Assistance Is A Possessionself
Attention Is Possessionself
Attention Is Seeingself
Attributes Are Entities Inside A Personmml
Being Harmed Is Having A Needed Possession Taken Or Losing A Needed Possessionmml
Beliefs Are Guidesmml
Beliefs Are Love Objectsmml
Beliefs Are Tactile Objectsself
Benefits Are Possessionsself
Body Is A Containermml
Body Parts As Animate Beingsself
Career As Possessionself
Career Is A Journeymml
Causation Is Commercial Transactionmml
Cause Is Downself
Causes And Effects Are Linked Objectsmml
Chance Is A Possessionself
Change Is Motionmml
Change Is Replacementmml
Change Of State Is Change Of Directionmml
Change Toward Emotional Intimacy Is Movement Toward Physical Closenessmml
Cognizing As Seeingatmetdb
Communication Is A Pathself
Communication Is Guidingmml
Communication Is Linguistic Communicationmml
Communication Is Physical Contactself
Communication Or Literature Or Media Are Containers For Informationself
Comparing And Seeking Is Shoppingmml
Competition Is A Racemml
Competition Is One On One Physical Aggressionmml
Competition Is Warmml
Compliance Is Adherencemml
Compliance Is Followingmml
Conceit Is Inflationmml
Concepts Are Points Set Up In Spatial Configurationteam
Conditions Are Possessionsself
Conducting Research Is Solving A Puzzlemml
Conduit Metaphormml
Context As A Containerself
Control Is A Containerself
Control Is A Possessionself
Control Is Upmml
Conurbations Are Menageriesself
Creating Is Birthingmml
Creating Is Making Visiblemml
Creating Is Moving To A Locationmml
Dangerous Beliefs Are A Contagious Diseasemml
Desire Is Hungermml
Difficult Subjects Are Adversariesmml
Difficulties Are Containersmml
Difficulty Is Weightself
Disparity Is Changemml
Effect On Emotional Self Is Contact With Physical Selfmml
Effects Are Forcesself
Effort Is Moneyself
Emotion Is Motionmml
Emotional Intimacy Is Physical Closenessmml
Emotional Self Is A Brittle Objectmml
Emotional Stability Is Balancemml
Emotional Stability Is Contact With The Groundmml
Emotional Stability Is Maintaining Positionmml
Emotions Are Entities Within A Personmml
Emotions Are Forcesmml
Emotions Are Locationsmml
Euphoric States Are Upmml
Events Are Containersself
Events Are Locationmml
Events Are Objectsmml
Events Are Objects Moving Towards Youself
Events Are Possessionsself
Events Are Targetsself
Existence Is A Location Heremml
Existence Is Lifemml
Experience As Containerself
Experiences Are Possessionsself
External Appearance Is A Covermml
External Conditions Are Climatemml
External Events Affecting Progress Are Forces Affecting Forward Motionmml
Feelings Are Possessionsself
Force Is A Moving Objectmml
Form Is Motionmml
Functionality Is Presenceself
Gaining Physical Intimacy Against Resistance Is A Competitionmml
Getting Is Eatingmml
Groups Are Shapesself
Hardship Is A Prisonself
Harm Is Being In A Harmful Locationmml
Harm Is Physical Injurymml
Harming Is Loweringmml
Helping/Nurturing Is Raisingmml
Home Is A Containerself
Hope Is Lightmml
Ideas Are A Light Sourcemml
Ideas Are Fashionsmml
Ideas Are Foodmml
Ideas Are Locationsmml
Ideas Are Moneymml
Ideas Are Physical Objectsatmetdb
Ideas Are Resourcesmml
Ideas As External Entitiesatmetdb
Ideas As Physical Objectsatmetdb
Illness Is A Physical Objectself
Illness Is A Possessionself
Illness Is War/Physical Combatself
Importance As Heightself
Importance Is Centralitymml
Importance Is Depthmml
Importance Is Interioritymml
Importance Is Sizemml
Importance Is Visibilityself
Inanimate Beings Are Animateself
Inanimate Beings Are Animate Beingsself
Information As Possessionself
Intelligence As Speedself
Intelligence Is A Light Sourcemml
Interests Are Containersself
Interpersonal Harmony Is Musical Harmonymml
Intoxication Is Being Electrifiedmml
Intoxication Is Getting A Burdenmml
Intoxication Is Getting Destroyedmml
Investments Are Containers For Moneymml
Journey As Physical Objectself
Knowledge Is Upself
Knowledge Of Past Events Is An External Event Exerting Force Onmml
Laughter Is A Substancemml
Life As A Gameself
Life Is A Journeymml
Life Is A Physical Objectself
Linear Scales Are Pathsmml
Location Is Heightself
Loss Is Loss Of Conscious Focusself
Love Is A Journeymml
Love Is A Unity (of Two Complementary Parts)mml
Loved One Is A Possessionmml
Machines Are Peoplemml
Management Is Transferself
Membership Is A Containerself
Membership Is Being Ownedself
Mind As Physical Objectatmetdb
Mind As Physical Spaceatmetdb
Mind As Possessionself
Mind Is A Container For Objectsmml
Mind Is A Fightermml
Mind Is A Machinemml
Mind Is A Parentmml
Mind Is A Travellermml
Mind Parts As Persons Or Other Animate Beingsatmetdb
Money Is A Liquidmml
Moral Accountingmml
Necessary Prerequisite For Change Is Source Of Moving Entitymml
Non-physical Experiences Are Physical Experiencesself
Obligations Are Forcesmml
Obligations Are Possessionsmml
Obscurity As A Containerself
Opportunities Are Containersself
Opportunities Are Possessionsmml
Organisation As Containerself
Organisations As Constructionsself
Organisations As Living Beingsself
Pain As A Heated Substanceself
Pain Is A Locationself
Pain Is A Possessionself
Pain Is A Sharp Objectself
Past Is A Pursuermml
People Are Animalsself
People Are Batteriesmml
People Are Consumer Productsself
People Are Containersself
People Are Fictitious Creaturesself
People Are Machinesself
People Are Possessionsself
Perception Is Receptionmml
Perception Is Shape Recognitionmml
Personality Is Materialmml
Physical Ailment As Animate Beingself
Physical Ailments As Animate Beingsself
Possessing Is Holdingmml
Problem As Disorganistationmml
Problem As Physical Objectself
Problem As Turbulenceself
Problem Is A Body Of Watermml
Problem Is A Constructed Objectmml
Problem Is A Locked Container For Its Solutionmml
Problem Is A Region In A Landscapemml
Problems Are Targetsmml
Problems As Possessionsself
Properties Are Physical Propertiesmml
Properties Are Possessionsmml
Psychological Forces Are Physical Forcesmml
Purposeful Activity Is A Journeymml
Quantity Is Wealthself
Rational Is Upmml
Relationship Is Kinshipmml
Relationships As Constructed Objectsself
Remembering Is Resurrectingmml
Responsibility As Directionself
Responsible Person Is Downself
Responsible Person Is Upself
Revelation Is Motionmml
Seeing Is Touchingmml
Self Is A Bankself
Sequence As Waveself
Sexuality Is An Offensive Weaponmml
Social Accountingmml
Social Group As Containersself
Social Interaction As Mixingself
Society Is A Containerself
Solution As A Targetself
Sound As A Physical Objectself
Stability Is Balancemml-
States Are Containersself
States Are Locationsmml
States Are Objectsself
States Are Possessionsself
States Are Shapesmml
States Are Targetsself
Strong Emotions Are Blindingmml
Subjects Are Areasmml
Theoretical Debate Is Competitionmml
Thinking Is Calculatingmml
Thinking Is Giving Birthmml
Thinking Is Having Ideas Develop/growmml
Thinking Is Manipulating An Objectmml
Thinking Is Moving In The Ideascapemml
Thinking Is Possessing An Objectmml
Thinking Is Strugglingmml
Time Is A Changermml
Time Is A Containermml
Time Is A Landscape We Move Throughmml
Time Is A Pursuermml
Time Is A Resourcemml
Time Is An Animate Beingself
Time Is An Object Moving Toward Youmml
Time Is Moneymml
Time Is Motionmml
Treating Illness Is Fighting A Warmml
Understanding Is Arrivingmml
Understanding Is Graspingmml
Understanding/Learning Is Gaining Physical Control Over The Materialmml
Use Is Expenditureself
Visual Field Is A Containermml
Waiting Is Being Suspendedself
Waste Is Deathself
Weakness Is Transferself
Well-being Is Wealthmml
Words Are Containersself
Words Are Objectsself
Words Are Vehiclesself
Words Are Weaponsmml