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For AIIB Symposium Participants
Directions to Premier Inn

For people staying in the Premier Inn who are coming by train the following may be useful.

When leaving the station keep right and go right on the main road, crossing over two small streets going left, Station street and Campbell Street.

Premier Inn will be a tall multi-coloured building in front of you on the corner of Cambpell St and St George's St, with automatic doors facing you.

The Ibis Hotel is two or three times as far from the station on the same road.

Walking to DeMontfort University from Premier Inn
This should work, though I have not tried it yet.
    From Hotel, cross over St Georges Way, and go left.

    Turn right going north-west from hotel into Granby Street

    Turn left at Belvoir Street

    Continue into Welford Place

    Left at 594 Welford Road

    Right at York Road

    Right at Oxford Street

    Cross over road to Business and Law building.

    [I may modify these directions late Monday night]
    (An alternative to turning left into Welford Road would be
    to go half right into Newarke street and cross over Oxford
    street at the end)]

Dinner on Wednesday night.
Several people attending the AIIB symposium who are not going to the conference dinner will meet at the Premier Inn hotel restaurant for a meal, from about 7.30. Places have been booked for people known to be coming. If you would like to be added to the list please Email A.Sloman[AT] if you decide before Monday 6pm.

Otherwise phone the hotel and see if they have a spare place you can reserve: 0870 111 2844

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