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Symposium on AI-Inspired Biology (AIIB)

Submission instructions are here. Important dates are here.

Papers are invited from researchers in animal cognition, researchers in AI/Robotics, and others with relevant contributions, e.g. researchers in linguistics, philosophy, neuroscience, and other fields.

The most highly valued papers for this symposium will be those that identify new ways or not yet widely understood ways in which research in AI/Robotics can inspire research on natural cognition. New examples, or improved versions of older types of inspiration are also welcome, as are innovative discussions of methodology.

Possible types of contribution include:

In some cases, submissions that could drive future research crossing the divide between artificial and natural cognition will be favoured above reports on completed work (especially if published elsewhere), because we wish the symposium to provoke new research in this area.

However, submission of outstanding completed work is also encouraged, especially if the submission includes suggestions for further work contributing to the study of natural cognition.

A template reviewing form is here.

An illustrative list of example topics is here.

Reviewers will be asked to make use of the list of priorities above.

Authors are asked to indicate which of the priorities they aim to address.

Reviewers of the long papers will attempt to sort them into the following categories:

1. Outstanding and directly relevant papers of types 1, 2, or 3, to be accepted for presentation at the symposium.

2. Excellent and relevant papers for which there will not be presentation time (because there are too many high quality submissions), but will be included in the symposium proceedings. (We shall try to arrange a time at which all authors of those papers can introduce themselves and announce the topics of their papers. They can also join the poster presentation.)

3. Reject on grounds of poor quality or poor relevance.

Reviewers of poster submissions will be asked only to recommend acceptance or rejection with a crude numerical grading to be used in case we have a problem of limited space for posters.

Submissions and enquiries to aiib10 [AT]

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