Beyond Modularity: A Developmental Perspective on Cognitive Science
Annette Karmiloff-Smith
MIT Press, 1995 - Psychology - 234 pages


Chapter 1: Taking development seriously
Chapter 2: The child as a linguist
Chapter 3: The child as a physicist
Chapter 6: The child as a notator
Chapter 7: Nativism, domain specificity, and piaget's constructivism
Chapter 8: Modelling Development: Representational redescription and connectionism
Chapter 9: Concluding speculations
Bibliography Index
What constitutes a domain?
The importance of a developmental perspective on cognitive science
The infant's and the young child's sensitivity to semantic constraints
From behavioral mastery to metalinguistic knowledge of the article system
Constraints on object perception in early infancy
From behavioral mastery to metacognitive knowledge about gravity and the law of torque
Representational Redescription
Number acquisition as a domainspecific innately guided process
Becoming a little mathematician
Propositional contents
Preliterate and prenumerate children's notational competence
Implicit representations and their procedural status
What is missing from connectionist models of development?