Roger Shepard's Rotated Table Illusion
Visually elaborated
(DRAFT: Liable to change)

Aaron Sloman
School of Computer Science, University of Birmingham.

Installed: 3 Feb 2013
Last updated: 3 Feb 2013, 19 Sep 2016; 20 Nov 2016
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The image was drawn using William Chia-Wei Cheng's (Bill Cheng's) ancient, but still very
useful drawing program, Tgif. Tgif is an interactive 2-D drawing tool under X11, available
for Linux and most UNIX platforms. (I use it on various versions of Fedora.)

NOTE: This diagram was used, with my permission, in the following book:
William Kaplan, Why Dissent Matters: Because Some People See Things the Rest of Us Miss
McGill-Queen's University Press (June 1 2017)

This web site will be absorbed into the Meta-morphogenesis project's goal of tracing
changes in information processing across biological evolution, development and learning.
     (On the importance of abilities to see what's possible and not possible.)

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