Images involving plant matter (Static)

Qualia captured while in our garden

(To be expanded)

A not very high quality video camera was moved around in a Birmingham garden.

A few snapshots from the video recording are shown below, followed by some questions.

Please look at the pictures in different ways (with one eye, with two eyes, from close up, from further away, with your head stationery or moving), and answer the questions below.




How much 3-D structure can you see?

  1. None ?
  2. A Little ?
  3. A Lot ?

Does the amount of depth or 3-D structure change if you move your eye closer to the pictures (but not too close to focus)? I am not worried about the vagueness of the questions, since there is no plan to do any statistical analysis on the responses.

Does it make any difference whether you look at the pictures with your left eye, your right eye, or both eyes?

Is what you see in the garden affected by whether you are moving relative to the picture?
Please email answers to a.sloman AT

This is part of a larger investigation including movies as well as static images. Videos of the garden can be found at:

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