PlayMate Requirements Meeting

Monday 16th Jan to Friday 20th Jan 2006

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The robot lab is in the basement of our building. We'll meet in the basement at 9am on Tuesday, then, at about 9.50 move up to room 245 on the top level (level 2). (Ask at reception if you come late.) Some of the time we'll split into two groups, one using room 217, also on the top level.

Note that there may be a network access problem on the morning of Tuesday 17th Jan as the UK academic network is havng maintenane work done between 07:00 and 09:00 GMT.


17 Jan 2006: Added Link to Somboon's PDF slides on vision and action.
14 Jan 2006: Added Link to Marek's notes on the Katana arm.
Added information about maps and restaurants.
12 Jan 2006: Minor revisions
7 Jan 2006: Slight changes of format. Inserted lunch break on Thursday
6 Jan 2006: Various changes made by AS following Jeremy's suggestions.

Meeting Attendees

NOTE: Times are flight arrival and departure times. Expect to take up to two hours from landing to get to the University. We assume people will have to leave about three hours before departure time.

NB: Is anyone planning to come who is not listed here? If so please let us know.


The primary purpose of the meeting is to agree on:

A secondary purpose is to help with clarification of Explorer objectives and to identify opportunities for synergy between the two.
Many of the issues are discussed (briefly) in appropriate boxes in the CoSy requirements matrix (still under development. Some links into specific parts of the matrix are included below.

Messages sent to the cosy list, about targets, plans and tools are here


Monday 16th January

GJ and Danijel arrive. Possible informal discussions and evening meal.

Tuesday 17th January - Room 245

0900: Tour of the robot lab, demo of anything that is demonstrable, and free discussion.
(Bernt, Gyuri, Mario arrive)
1000: AS+BHAM people presentation and discussion of cosy requirements matrix, focusing mainly on requirements for 'kitty' the 30 month target scenario and restrictions for month 24 demo (August/Sept 2006)
1045: Coffee
Brief overview presentations by CoSy partners on their views on the scenarios and their aims for the meeting.

1100: UOL
1120: DFKI
1140: TUD

1200: Discussion then lunch

1300: Outline of scenarios and questions for the PlayMate for month 30. (Led by JLW)
1400: (If Michael has arrived) Freiburg

1430: Action requirements
See the initial sketch in section 'D: Manipulation in Kitty' in the general requirements for kitty, and also Marek's notes on the Katana arm.
Discussion to include:

PlayMate action requirements
Explorer action requirements -- can we unify PlayMate and Explorer action requirements in any useful way. (e.g. planning and action formalisms, and some aspects of planning and plan execution mechanisms? Also some common spatial understanding???)

1600: Break

1630: Requirements for representation of the processes, structures, objects, etc. in the environment:

Includes discussion of ontology required (what will need to be represented).
Mainly PlayMate, but also Explorer as appropriate.
(This will feed into the discussion of vision the next day, but is also a prerequisite for discussing linguistic interactions.)
Note that there is already a great deal on requirements for representation in Deliverable 2.1 (also copied here.)

1700: Linguistic interactions for PlayMate and Explorer. See

In the evening Ales arrives, and we can arrange a meal in the city near the hotel. If Ales arrives in time we could start discussing vision briefly, otherwise some requirements for learning and possibly project management.

NOTE: 1930 Dinner a the 'Don Salvo' restaurant at the Mailbox, B1 1RG, Don Salvo (156 - 158 Wharfside Street,) on Tuesday night.

Wednesday 18th January - Room 217

Wed a.m.: Discussion of vision requirements.
0900: Requirements for vision in PlayMate
1000: Discussion of possible Explorer/PlayMate commonalities in representations for vision, architectural requirements for vision, visual learning mechanisms
1030: break
1100: Vision work needed to satisfy month 30 scenarios for the PlayMate
(Including some suggestions for work to be done in Bham. )

1200: Discussion and lunch

1300: Discussion of collaboration between partners on vision needed for the PlayMate.
1445 (until Bernt leaves at about 1620): Provisional summing up of targets for month 30. Provisional division of labour
After Bernt goes we can continue refining ideas so far, and perhaps initiate discussion of architecture required to combine components in Kitty.
See also Deliverable 1.1 copied here

We have made no dinner plans for Wednesday night. Arrangements will be made based on how the day goes and the wishes of individuals. Many restaurants (particular Indian ones) are available near the univeristy, or in the city near the hotel.

Thursday 19th January - Room 245

0900: Further detailed discussions

1230(??): lunch

1330: Begin collecting requirements for tools to support architectural requirements, distribution requirements and particular components:

1530: Switch to discussing software engineering methodology:

1930 Dinner at the Cafe Rouge, Brindley Place, B1 2HJ XX

Friday 20th January

Depends who is still here.

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