Do-Form: Programme

This symposium is designed to bring domain experts and formalisers into close and fruitful contact with each other: domain experts will be able to present their fields and problems to formalisers; formalisers will be exposed to new and challenging problem areas.

We will combine talks (short presentation slots on accepted stage 1 only submissions, long slots for stage 2) and hands-on tutorial sessions to ensure close interaction among participants from both sides.

World-class economists will offer dedicated hands-on tutorial sessions on the following topics:


Quick links to the days: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.
Note that, on each day, before and after our sessions, there will be plenary events of the AISB Convention. For this please see the Convention Programme.

Wednesday, 3 April

Session 1
11:00–12:30TutorialM. Utku ÜnverMatching markets
Session 2
Session 3
15:30–16:15DiscussionModerated discussion with M. Utku Ünver on computer science approaches to matching
  1. Martine de Vos, Jan Top, Willem Robert van Hage and Guus Schreiber: Transparency of Environmental Computer Models (tool or system (“hammer”) and nail description)
  2. Ronald Denaux, Vania Dimitrova and Anthony Cohn: Interacting with Ontologies and Linked Data through Controlled Natural Languages and Dialogues (hammer description)

Thursday, 4 April

Session 1
11:00–12:30TutorialPeter CramtonAuctions
Session 2
  1. Manfred Kerber, Christoph Lange, Colin Rowat and Wolfgang Windsteiger: Developing an Auction Theory Toolbox (hammer and nail description)
  2. Marco B. Caminati: A contribution to an Auction Theory Toolbox through code and discussion (hammer description)
14:15–15:00PresentationsDemo presentations part 1 (“hammers”)
with feedback from our invited experts
Session 3
15:30–17:00TutorialNeels VoslooFinance markets regulation

Friday, 5 April

Session 1
  1. Stefan Mitsch, Grant Olney Passmore and Andre Platzer: A Vision of Collaborative Verification-Driven Engineering of Hybrid Systems (hammer description)
  2. Nicola Botta, Sibylle Schupp, Antoine Mandel, Cezar Ionescu and Mareen Hofmann: Mathematical specifications and economic modelling (hammer description; paper title: Mathematical specification of an agent-based model of exchange)
  3. Martin Caminada, Mikołaj Podlaszewski and Matt Green: Explaining the Outcome of Knowledge-Based Systems; a discussion-based approach (hammer description)
Session 2
13:30–15:00PresentationsDemo presentations part 2 (“hammers”)
Session 3
15:30–17:00PresentationsKnowledge, ontologies and logic
  1. Nava Tintarev, Nir Oren, Roman Kutlak, Matt Green, Judith Masthoff, Kees van Deemter and Wamberto Vasconcelos: SAsSy – Scrutable Autonomous Systems (problem or domain (“nail”) description)
  2. Jared Davis: Embedding ACL2 Models in End-User Applications (hammer description)
  3. Liwei Deng, Alan Bundy, Fiona McNeill and Alan Smaill: Proof-Guided Ontology Development using Pattern Rules (research paper)

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