ForMaRE – People

University of Birmingham

External collaborators and advisors (alphabetically)

NameAffiliationTopicSystem1 (if applicable)
Rob ArthanLemma 1 Ltd., Reading, UKindustrial advice
Christoph BenzmüllerFree University of Berlin, Germanymechanised reasoningLEO-II, an automated higher-order theorem prover
Tilman BörgersUniversity of Michigan, USAconcepts of rationality, auction design, game theory
Peter CramtonUniversity of Maryland, USA; Cramton Associates LLCauction theory and practice
Jim JordanPennsylvania State University, USApillage games
Kenneth L. JuddHoover Institution, Stanford, USAInitiative for Computational Economics
Michael KohlhaseJacobs University Bremen, Germanysemantic authoring, semiformal documentsPlanetary, a math-enabled semantic content management system
Andy McLennanUniversity of Queensland, Australiagame theoryGambit, a non-cooperative game solver
Till MossakowskiUniversity of Bremen, Germanymechanised reasoningHets, a frontend to multiple automated first-order theorem provers
Geoff SutcliffeUniversity of Miami, USAmechanised reasoningTPTP, collection of (mainly first-order) theorem proving challenge problems with web interface to automated theorem provers
M. Utku ÜnverBoston College, USAmatching markets
Neels VoslooFinancial Services Authority, UKfinance markets regulation
Makarius WenzelLRI, University of Paris-Sud, Francemechanised reasoningIsabelle, an interactive higher-order proof assistant
Wolfgang WindsteigerRISC, University of Linz, Austriamechanised reasoningTheorema, a proof assistant based on the Mathematica CAS

1 These descriptions cover those system features that are relevant for ForMaRE. Our collaborators are often the lead developers of the systems, but in any case expert users.

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