Managing your personal information at work

Thank you for helping out with this research.

In our work at the University of Birmingham, we want to find out how people manage their personal information, "digital stuff" such as documents, files, photographs and emails. This will enable us to design better software to make it easier to manage your information in the future.

In this survey, we'll ask you about your individual approach to managing and retrieving this information in your work. We'll also ask you feel about these tasks, how your work is structured, and about your personality and attitude to getting things done. Most of the questions can be answered with a single click and without too much thinking - most people get it done in around 30 minutes.


Your answers will be anonymous and we will only report results that have been aggregated across everyone who has completed the survey and after removing any data that might identify individuals. We intend to make these anonymised aggregated results available to other researchers as a dataset.

To say thank you, we will offer to send you a personalised visualisation that shows graphically how your information management strategies compare to those of other people.


You can save your answers at any time and return to them later. Please note that the survey software we use will time out if you are inactive for a long time. 


If you have any questions, you can contact us by email at

Many thanks, the Human-Computer Interaction centre, School of Computer Science, University of Birmingham.


There are 178 questions in this survey.