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If you are using RedHat linux or one of its recent derivatives, such as Fedora Core version 4 or later, please see the note about overcoming problems caused by security measures, here

New Experimental Short-Cuts

There are two small shell scripts available. Decide which of those two you wish to use, then download it and put it in a directory on a file partition where you have enough file space. You will need about 19MB for the downloaded shell scripts and the Poplog tar file. In addition you will need about 80MB either in the /usr/local partition or in the partition where you run the 'get-and-install-here' script.

Make the chosen script executable after downloading it. e.g. using one of these two 'chmod' commands:

    chmod ugo+rx get-and-install

    chmod ugo+rx get-and-install-here
You may wish to check the script and, if you are a linux expert, change something before running it.

It uses the 'wget' command to fetch the files. If you are using it behind a web proxy server, you will have to set the appropriate environment variable ($http_proxy) to allow 'wget' to get through the server, e.g. something like this (for bash users):

    export http_proxy

Run the script in an xterm window or other console window.

The time it takes will depend largely on how long it takes you to download the main tar file (less than 19MB) and how long your PC takes to run the installation script. On fairly new PCs the installation could take less than a minute. On older PCs at most a few minutes.

Both scripts produce a log file called v15.6a/install.log which can be used to provide information if you have problems.

If the installation triggers linker or other errors they will not go into the log file, but will be displayed on the screen. You'll have to select and paste the messages to include in any report.

For more information on what those scripts do, please see the message posted to pop-forum and comp.lang.pop now available here.

For information about getting help from users see

Additional information about the installation can be found in

NB: If you use Ubuntu or Debian please see instructions on packages you may need to install before you can use poplog here and in Step 0 of this file AREADME.txt

Older information

Full installation instructions for Linux Poplog are in the file

If you have an Athlon64 or Opteron machine running 64-bit Linux, you may wish to fetch the AMD64 version of Linux Poplog, from here

You will need to download, make executable, and run this file to check that you have an installation on which poplog can run:
After downloading do


Fetch the main poplog tar bundle (about 18 Mbytes):

Fetch this 5Kbyte file and install it in the same directory as the tar bundle above, then make it executable and run it twice, the first time to discover the options, the second time with the options specified:

Further details regarding installation are in the AREADME.txt file.

Users of Debian/Ubuntu-based distributions should follow the instructions in STEP 0 in that file, namely:
Use this command to ensure that you have all the required system libraries.

Make motif accessible where debian seems to need X11 libraries: Then fetch the Poplog tar package and scripts as described above.

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