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I am assembling this page so as to keep a record of the many students I have supervised over the years. If you can provide me with the correct title of your project and/or if you have a more up-to-date picture you want me to put here, then please send me an email. Likewise, if you don't want to be listed, then please let me know.

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UG 2017/18

Ryan Griffith
Benjamin Curtis
Gulraj Bariah
Tanya Daskova
Rebecca Ellison

MSc 2017

Jeremie Kipeleka Course feedback application for university students
Bolin Zhu A tool for exploring musical scales
Yunhai Wang A user-interaction addition to Etsy
Oktay Aslantas A stock management system
Kenan Koc Machine learning applied to spam filtering
Christopher Thomson An exploration of minimal enclosing circles in the plane
Joshua Blakeley An automated percussion assistant

UG 2016/17

Shaun Mendham 3D Python Programmable Robot Simulation for Teaching (Robot) Programming
Tsanimir Sakutov The Gender Conundrum in Computer Science: A Cross-Country Evaluation
Munveer Gill Foodie: A tool for hobby cooks
Priyan Mistry A route planner for tourists to London
Yihong Zhou Research on Neural Networks for Image Recognition
Ajesh Jally A real-time collaborative educational tool with gamification elements to provide an improved approach to learning code
Ashley Wyatt Playing Tetris using Neural Networks and Deep Q-Learning

MSc 2016

Prateek Antony Writer's Block - A Novel Approach to Melody Generation Using Adaptive First-Order Markov Chains
Anant Khanna An interactive bilingual app for teaching the structure, synthesis and properties of silver nanoparticles
Ghazala Iffat Using GreenFoot to teach networking at Key Stage 2
Jade Iqbal Memory Match

UG 2015/16

Daljit Sidhu Maths aid: A trigonometry learning app
Kathryn Maclachlan Teaching functional programming at Key Stage 4
Joanne Kay Teaching application for building of structures
Samuel Down Driver support application
Diyan Dinev Mobile phone game
Bella Dunovska System for monitoring cardiovascular activity
Charles Chambers Teaching elementary algorithms

MSc 2015

A. H. Game-fied collaborative programming
William Morris Visualising recursion
Marc Edwards Phase transition app

UG 2014/15

Sam Barker An investigation into Lehman's factorisation algorithm
Natalie Ravenhill The coalgebraic interpretation of Brzozowski's minimisation algorithm
Jake Crocker App Store for university students
Ella Hibbert Android app to visualise Bragg's Law in X-ray diffraction
Joe Robbins Android app to visualise stress and strain in elastic materials

MSc 2014

Sam Farmer Diffusion app
Rebecca Devney 3D crystal structure app
David Stinson Molecular movement app

UG 2013/14

Jawad HussainComparative Study of Online Scheduling Algorithms with Multi-Skilled Agenst in Unpredictable and Probabilistic Environments
Alex MaleyA Development Environment for Creating Algorithm Visualisations
Priyesh Patel A Solar System Simulator using CUDA
Jimmy TangMulti-Platform Manga Subscription and Recommendation System
Richard ThomasA Collaborative Learning Platform with Early-Warning Detection
Sam Thomas MetaC: Enriching the C Programming Language with DSL Extensions

UG 2011/12

Divyen Sanganee Primality testing and integer factorisation
Jack Uttley Academic coursework submission service
Nicol Wong Geographic Learning System

UG 2010/11

Petar Belokonski Mountain enthusiasts calculation helper
Chuangjie Xu The Curry-Howard isomorphism
Jennifer Bacon An interactive demonstration of Dijkstra's algorithm
Helen Hancox Account planning tool
Thomas Johnson A teaching language and visualisation tool

MSc 2010

Sina Zarghami Electronic notebook

UG 2009/10

Alan Race Japanese Cognitive Mapping Tool
Andrew Ward (RPG) Game Maker
Arjun Toor Web Voice - voice enabled web search
Michael Barton Creative Digital Music Effects

UG 2008/09

Ben Cooper Sudoku Puzzle Solver
Chris Novakovic Gaussian Elimination Tutor
Deborah Lord Self Study Tool - Growth of Functions
Emma Galliano Creating a Java implementation of the board game Cluedo
Matthew Bond The Earth and Beyond - Solar Simulation for Key Stage 3
Selina Tindall Countdown Game
Tom Greenwood Hospital Ward Management System
Tom Thorpe Network MP3 Player Application

MSc 2008

Adrian Garcia Visualisation of Plagiarism

UG 2007/08

Tim Jennings Crowd Routing Algorithm
Nick Garfield First Person Shooting Game
Daniel Lettin Adventure Game Design Tool
Thomas Wiggins 3D Game

MSc 2007

Sam Davies The Unsigned Music Genome Project

UG 2006/07

Kyle Wong Context Free Grammar Teaching Tool

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