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The University of Birmingham - School of Computer Science

Mathematical Techniques for Computer Science

Autumn Semester 2017

Staff Details

Professor Achim Jung
Room 213
Tel: (+44) 121 414 4776
Office hours
Simon Fong (rsf552 @ cs.bham.ac.uk)
Xiaodong Jia (xxj312 @ cs.bham.ac.uk)
Anna Laura Suarez (axs1431 @ cs.bham.ac.uk)


Wednesdays, 10:00-10:50am, G15, Muirhead Tower
Thursdays, 11:00-11:50am, G15, Muirhead Tower


Thursdays, 12:00-12:50am, G15, Muirhead Tower

Help session

Fridays, 16:00-16:50am, UG09, Learning Centre (from Week 2)


Printed copies will be provided in the Wednesday lecture.
Handout 1: Systems of linear equations, Gaussian elimination (boxes)
Handout 2: Gaussian elimination: special cases (boxes)
Instructions for using Chris Novakovic's Gaussian Elimination tutor program
Handout 3: Analytic geometry in the plane (boxes)
Handout 4: Analytic geometry in three dimensions (boxes)
Handout 5: Two other ways of describing lines and planes (boxes)
Handout 6: The inner product (boxes)
Handout 7: Matrices and matrix algebra (boxes)
Handout 8: Invertibility of matrices (boxes)
Handout 9: Sets (boxes)
Handout 10: Cardinality: countable and uncountable sets (boxes)
Handout 11: Relations (boxes)
Handout 12: Functions (boxes)
Handout 13: Inductive definitions (boxes)
Handout 14: Probability (boxes)
Handout 15: Discrete random variables (boxes)
Handout 16: Continuous random variables (boxes)
Online tool to explore the behaviour of random variables
Index of defined terms


Printed exercise sheets will be provided with the handouts. Model answers are linked below.
Exercise sheet 1: Systems of linear equations (solutions)
Exercise sheet 2: Analytic geometry (solutions)
Exercise sheet 3: Analytic geometry with the inner product (solutions)
Exercise sheet 4: Matrices (solutions)
Exercise sheet 5: Sets (solutions)
Exercise sheet 6: Relations (solutions)
Exercise sheet 7: Functions (solutions)
Exercise sheet 8: Inductive definitions (solutions)
Exercise sheet 9: Probability (solutions)
Exercise sheet 10: Discrete random variables (solutions)
Exercise sheet 11: Continuous random variables (solutions)
Marks for exercises are recorded on Canvas.


We will always try to mark your homework in the same week as the hand-in date, that is, by the start of the exercise class Thursday afternoon. The class tests will be returned after one week.


  • 10% continuous through class tests I am planning to have two class tests during the term. The first will be in Week 4 (Monday, 16 October, 5pm), the second in Week 8 (Monday, 13 November, 6pm), though this could change depending on how much progress we make. The exact timing will also depend on room availability.
  • 10% continuous through homework You will be invited to submit answers to the weekly exercises by the following Monday, 2pm (including any that you discussed with a tutor during the exercise class).
    You can earn bonus points by answering ``stretcher exercises'' so potentially you can get more than 10% overall from this component.
  • 80% 1.5-hour examination in May


There is one resit opportunity for this course in August next year. The continuous assessment component will not be carried forward.