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The University of Birmingham - School of Computer Science

Mathematical Techniques for Computer Science

Autumn Semester 2017

Staff Details

Professor Achim Jung
Room 213
Tel: (+44) 121 414 4776
Office hours
Simon Fong (rsf552 @ cs.bham.ac.uk)
Xiaodong Jia (xxj312 @ cs.bham.ac.uk)
Anna Laura Suarez (axs1431 @ cs.bham.ac.uk)


Wednesdays, 10:00-10:50am, G15, Muirhead Tower
Thursdays, 11:00-11:50am, G15, Muirhead Tower


Thursdays, 12:00-12:50am, G15, Muirhead Tower

Help session

Fridays, 16:00-16:50am, UG09, Learning Centre (from Week 2)


Printed copies will be provided in the Wednesday lecture.
Handout 1: Systems of linear equations, Gaussian elimination (boxes)
Handout 2: Gaussian elimination: special cases (boxes)
Instructions for using Chris Novakovic's Gaussian Elimination tutor program
Handout 3: Analytic geometry in the plane (boxes)
Handout 4: Analytic geometry in three dimensions (boxes)
Handout 5: Two other ways of describing lines and planes (boxes)
Handout 6: The inner product (boxes)
Handout 7: Matrices and matrix algebra (boxes)
Handout 8: Invertibility of matrices (boxes)
Handout 9: Sets (boxes)
Handout 10: Cardinality: countable and uncountable sets (boxes)
Handout 11: Relations (boxes)
Handout 12: Functions (boxes)
Handout 13: Inductive definitions (boxes)
Handout 14: Probability (boxes)
Handout 15: Discrete random variables (boxes)
Handout 16: Continuous random variables (boxes)


Printed exercise sheets will be provided with the handouts. Model answers are linked below.
Exercise sheet 1: Systems of linear equations (solutions)
Exercise sheet 2: Analytic geometry (solutions)
Exercise sheet 3: Analytic geometry with the inner product (solutions)
Exercise sheet 4: Matrices (solutions)
Exercise sheet 5: Sets (solutions)
Exercise sheet 6: Relations (solutions)
Exercise sheet 7: Functions (solutions)
Exercise sheet 8: Inductive definitions (solutions)
Exercise sheet 9: Probability (solutions)
Exercise sheet 10: Discrete random variables (solutions)
Exercise sheet 11: Continuous random variables (solutions)

Final continuous assessment marks

Marks as a PDF document and as a LibreOffice spreadsheet.


We will always try to mark your homework in the same week as the hand-in date, that is, by the start of the exercise class Thursday afternoon. The class tests will be returned after one week.


  • 10% continuous through class tests I am planning to have two class tests during the term. The first will be in Week 4 (Monday, 16 October, 5pm), the second in Week 8 (Monday, 13 November, 6pm), though this could change depending on how much progress we make. The exact timing will also depend on room availability.
  • 10% continuous through homework You will be invited to submit answers to the weekly exercises by the following Monday, 2pm (including any that you discussed with a tutor during the exercise class).
    You can earn bonus points by answering ``stretcher exercises'' so potentially you can get more than 10% overall from this component.
  • 80% 1.5-hour examination in May


There is one resit opportunity for this course in August next year. The continuous assessment component will not be carried forward.