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Current project

EPSRC Fellowship (GBP 876,859)
FORGING: Fortuitous Geometries and Compressive Learning


Past projects


Paul & Yuanbi Ramsay research award, School of CS (12K)

A random matrix theory approach to gene regulatory network inference; 1st Feb 2013 – 31 May 2013.

Research fellow: Bob Durrant


Paul & Yuanbi Ramsay research award, School of CS (8K)

Relating learning and measure concentration on topological group structures, 15 July 2010 – 14 July 2011.

Research Associate: Bob Durrant

(PI) MRC Discipline Hopping Award G0701858 (ID no. 85545) (GBP 99,349)
Generative-discriminative hybrids for disease prediction and cell communication modeling, 15 August 2008 - 14 August 2009.
Institute of Biomedical Research, main collaborator: Dr Francesco Falciani.


(Co-i) PPARC (PP/C503138/1), GBP 152,210.
Designer algorithms for astronomical data mining, 9 May 2005- 8 May 2008.

Pi: Prof Trevor Ponman (School of Physics & Astronomy)

Research Fellow: Dr Jianyong Sun.

Welcome Trust VIP award (Project 10835), joint with Dr Peter Tino, (11K)

Machine learning for cancer research, January-July 2005.


Paul & Yuanbi Ramsay research award, School of CS (7K)
Factorisation techniques for the exploratory analysis of galaxy spectra, June-August 2004.
Research Associate:
Markus Harva
Collaboration with Drs Louisa Nolan & Somak Raychaudhury (School of Physics & Astronomy)



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