NotifyMe is an Android application for statistical analysis of mobile notification receptivity. It aims to collect data about user responses to mobile notifications and the context of notification delivery in order to study the correlation between notification’s content category, context of delivery, and the notification receptivity.

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    Data collection

    The application collects the following information:
    1. Contextual information: location, Wifi connectivity, surrounding sound intensity, physical activity.
    2. Notification details: arrival time (including day of a week), response time (including day of a week), sender app name, notification drawer opening time, terms extracted from the message header, encrypted Facebook feeds.
    3. Application details: list of installed apps, launch time.
    4. Call details: arrival time and duration of the incoming and outgoing calls, caller id.
    5. Other details: phone’s status (active or inactive), ringer mode (silent, vibrate, sound, LED), proximity data.
    6. Answers to the questionnaire.

    All the personal information will be anonymised, and securely transmitted and stored on the server. No additional information related to contacts (telephone numbers, email addresses etc.) on your device or history of communication made with the contact made would be collected by the application. The application will NOT collect the number or the identity of the callee/caller or the recipient/sender of the messages.

    From the collected data we plan to carry on a statistical study that will lead to a better understanding of the impact of content and context on notification receptivity. Finally, we will build behavioural models to predictively stack notifications in order to reduce interruption and increase receptivity. This will help us to build a system for users that will help them by providing right information at the right time.

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    How to participate

    If you have a phone running Android OS, simply download the app from the Google App Store and install it. In order to start your participation you need to agree with our terms that will be clearly presented to you. In case you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. After you agree with the terms, fill out a registration form that asks, among other things, to select a password, which is needed in case you wish to access or delete the data collected from your phone. Once you installed the application, agreed with the terms and filled out the form, the application will run on your phone. The application will run quietly in the background and will not interfere with your daily mobile phone usage.

    Please, note that in order to participate to this experiment you must be older than 18 years old and you must be the sole prominent user of the mobile device in which the application will be installed.

    Unfortunately, due to a wide variety of phones we cannot guarantee that the application will run flawlessly on your specific phone, but we welcome any feedback and will try to fix any application errors as soon as possible.

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    How to withdraw

    If for any reason you want to withdraw from the experiment you can easily do so by uninstalling the application. Simply follow the instructions for uninstalling an Android application, and uninstall MoodTraces. No further data sensing will be performed.

    Until 1 June 2015 you have also the possibility to remove from the database all or any portion of your data. If you want to use this option, please email us with "withdrawal" in the subject line or talk to us in person during one of the application demo sessions.

    Data that are not removed from the database before 1 September 2015 will be preserved and accessible for ten years.

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    Benifits and burden for the participants

    Besides the data collection component, the application will have a value for a user as it will present the graph of notification (received and ignored) along with the context and the category of application they come from (a user will not be able to see anyone's graph but his/her own).

    The participation is voluntary and there is no monetary reward for your participation. However, we will send you a summary of the results of the study. In case that the findings from the experiment are published, we will be happy to share with you an electronic version of the publication, whenever the copyright laws permit us to do that.

    We try to minimize the impact of the application on your life and on your phone. The application triggers questionnaires along with a few randomly selected notifications, which can be answered within a minute by the users. Apart from that, the application will run in the background without hindering or effecting the user’s day to day tasks, unless the user deliberately brings it to the front in order to view the front-end of the application.

    The application will perform occasional uploads and downloads, however the application will be developed in such a way that it always prefer using Wi-Fi to transfer the information and cellular data connection will only be used if there has not been an upload for a long interval of time which may cause the user to incur mobile data plan charges. However, the amount of data transferred will be minimal: less than 1MB per day. The users will be explicitly notified about the maximum data usage of the application during the installation process. In case that a user finds the application to burdensome, he/she can simply uninstall it.

    Once the research is complete we will be notifying you about it, upon which you should remove the application from the device and the data collection process would be stopped as well.

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    Privacy and security

    The mobile phone application data collection and on-the-phone storage will be designed in accordance to the state-of-the-art best practices in application development. This data will be inaccessible by any other (malicious) application installed on the same phone. To assure that the data is unreadable to any third party in case that a phone is lost/stolen, the application will encrypt all the data before storing it on the phone's memory card.

    The information would be transmitted to the server using secure transmission. The server itself would be at a secure location in the Computer Science building, University of Birmingham. Login to the server will be only available to the researchers of the HCI group at the University of Birmingham and collaborators at the University of Ljubljana, for research purposes only.


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