Two draft discussion documents are available.

1. Do we need to depend on emergent features of dynamical system models in explaining how understanding of spatial structure, motion and causality develops?

See this discussion of two concepts of causality (Humean and Kantian) and related topics including the thesis of the 'Primacy of Dynamical Systems' (PDS).

2. Can we design a domain in which to explore the design of a 'child robot' learning about Kantian causation and related things?

The polyflap domain seems to have some of the required features.

Does the process of exploring and learning about domains of manipulable physical objects, such as objects in the polyflap domain, depend on the truth of PDS, or could such exploration and learning occur under the control of cognitive mechanisms that do not have the fast fluent control of actions on which PDS concentrates?

Clearly both are important and need to be studied.

A.S. (Last modified 23 Aug 2005)