LaTeX instructions for PT-AI-13 Springer volume.
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(Added 1 Dec 2013)

I have provided this information because I found serious inadequacies (and some
inconsistencies) in the Springer documentation and sample input and pdf files
provided here:
(which nowhere even mentions latex or bibtex, and merely shows examples of final
output, but not how to generate the output, and is mainly appropriate for users who
do all type-setting by hand -- probably a relic of something produced by Springer
before computers were used by most authors.).

These guidelines:

did not specify precisely enough what a latex + bibtex user should do. In particular,
although there is a reference to the "Springer SocPsych" reference style there is no
sample BibTex input file provided in the LaTeX author package, and no suitable BibTex
style file. The closest of the three .bst files turned out to be spbasic.bst , which
can be used with the natbib latex style to generate author-date citations, but the
result is not really in the SocPsych format. Since they don't provide appropriate
tools I assume we can simply use the tools they do provide, and leave it to them to
change the style files to generate the required output. But for that to work authors
have to create bibtex input files, for which Springer provide no examples or templates.

I've therefore collected relevant Springer materials and a few new or slightly
modified sample input files, which we can use, leaving it to Springer to use their
preferred style files to generate the required text. If we don't all use the same
style files our editor will have a time-wasting job generating a first draft of the
volume. (Often workshop/conference organisers, or editors of multi-author volumes
assemble their preferred collection of templates and style files to get round these

If I have got something wrong, or any of it can be improved, please let me know.
(Email address below.)

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Aaron Sloman
25 Nov 2013
Updated: 27 Nov 2013; 1 Dec 2013