I  am interested in design, development and modelling of large and complex distributed systems. My current research interests are in
  • Model-based software development,
  • Automated Software Engineering,
  • Real-time processing for fast and big data.

For a short description of the research activities see the research page and Software projects.

Team: former and current PhD students and Postdocs

  Topic of Research Graduation
Thanos Staikopolous Model Driven Approaches to Design and Implementation of Web Services
Kyriakos Anastasakis Model Driven Approaches to Analysis of UML models via Alloy
Seyyed Shah MDA and Automated Test Generation
Mohamed Ariff Ameedeen Model Driven Analysis and Synthesis of Dynamic Models
Mohammed Alodib Automated Creation and Deployment of Diagnosers for Telecom Service oriented Architectures
Emsaieb Geepall MDA and Analysis of Spatio Temporal Access Control for Cyber-physical systems
Philip Weber Process Mining and application to Telecom Service oriented Architectures (joint supervision with Peter Tino)
Imran Sarwar Bajwa Automated Software Modelling using Natural Language Processing and MDA (Joint supervision with Mark Lee)
Dr Xiaofeng Du (post doc) Fault Diagnosis and Monitoring of Service oriented Architectures
Marwah Alansari Modeling and Automated detection of Malicious Behavior in Cloud
Dr Imran Khan (Research Fellow) Hardware techniques for Security and Privacy in Cloud
Mohammed Alwanain Automated Synthesis of complex Dynamic Models
John Saxon Automated Detection of Malicious Behavior in Cloud
Made Murwantara Software Product Line and application to Energy
 Management in Cloud
Ahmed Al-Ajeli
Online diagnosis of fault and undesirable scenarios -
Yi Chen
Stream processing in big data -
Nada Alruhaily
A probabilistic approach to efficient detection of malware in  Cloud via Introspection (joint supervision with Tom Chothia) -
Dr Bosco Filho (Research Fellow)
Automated detection of conflicts in medical guidelines -
If you are interested to perform research, especially at PhD level, in any of these areas, email me (B.Bordbar [AT]

 Collaboration with industry

Among others, I have ongoing industrial collaboration with IBM Research (Switzerland), BT Research Laboratory (UK), Thales (UK), Danske Bank (Denmark) and HP research laboratories (Bristol). In the past, I worked as an IBM visiting Scientist while based at IBM Zurich. In 2008, I was awarded BT Research Fellowship and worked at BT research Laboratory, Ipswich, UK. In 2011 and 2012, I was based at Cloud and Security Research Group at  HP Lbs. in Bristol.


  • Operating Systems and Networks
  • Enterprise Systems (advanced Java programming, Hibernate and Spring) s