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Dr. Ran Cheng   

Ph.D., Research Fellow

CERCIA Group, School of Computer Science,
University of Birmingham,
United Kingdom, B15 2TT

Email: ranchengcn (at) gmail.com
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From 1st Semptember 2018, I will leave the University of Birmingham, and this webpage will stop updating from then.

I recievend my Ph.D. degree in Computer Science from the University of Surrey in 2016, financed by the Honda Research Institute Europe (HRI-EU). My principal supervisor at the University of Surrey was Prof. Yaochu Jin, and my co-supervisor at the HRI-EU was Prof. Markus Olhofer. I am now working as a Research Fellow with the CERCIA Group at the University of Birmingham, directed by Prof. Xin Yao.

I am the founding chair of the IEEE Symposium on Model Based Evolutionary Algorithms (2016, 2017) and the IEEE CEC Competition on Evolutionary Many-Objective Optimization (2017); the founding vice-chair of the IEEE CIS Taskforce on Many-Objective Optimisation; an Associate Editor of IEEE Access (2018 - ), an editorial board member of Applied Soft Computing (2018 - ) and Complex & Intelligent Systems (2017 - ); a recipient of the 2015 Association of British Turkish Academics (ABTA) Doctoral Researcher Award (News), the 2015 University of Surrey Vice-Chancellor’s Award (News), the 2016 Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Self-financed Students Abroad (News), the 2018 IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation Outstanding Paper Award (News), and the 2019 IEEE CIS Outstanding PhD Dissertation Award.

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I am particularly interested in Computational Intelligence based optimization of complex real-world problems, e.g., large optimization problems. Related research topics include swarm intelligence, model based evolutionary algorithms, evolutionary multi-objective optimization, etc.

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