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I am a research fellow, member of the Computer Security group at the School of Computer Science of the University of Birmingham.

My main area of research is verification of security protocols. More specifically, I am interested in automating verification of privacy type properties. Currently, I am also looking into cloud computing security.

My curriculum vitae: english or french.

Recent and futur activities

Updated the 31/12/2013

A new publication is added on my publication page:

  • A conference paper at TACAS 2014: APTE: an Algorithm for Proving Trace Equivalence

A new version of APTE was released (v0.4beta).

Two new publications are added on my publication page.

  • A conference paper at CAV 2013: Lengths may break privacy -- or how to check for equivalences with length.
  • A journal paper at TCS 2013: Deciding equivalence-based properties using constraint solving.

A new version of APTE was released (v0.3beta). Moreover, a dedicated website was created for APTE. See APTE Website

I gave a talk at POST 2013, Conference on Principles of Security and Trust, Roma, March 18-19, 2013. (PDF and Keynote slides avalaible here)


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