photo of Cory Cory Michael Knapp

School of Computer Science
University of Birmingham
Edgbaston, Birmingham, B15 2TT, UK

I am a PhD student under Martín Escaró. Until May 2015, Paul Blain Levy was a co-supervisor.

My research is on Homotopy Type theory and models of Martin-Löf Type Theory; I'm particularly interested in the relationship between type theory and other topics in constructive math. I'm also interested in coalgebras, point-free topology and topos theory; this doesn't mean I know anything about them.

Previously, I did a double BSc in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science at Illinois Institute of Technology, followed by the Barcelona Master in Pure and Applied Logic organized by University of Barcelona. In between, I brewed a lot of coffee.

Slides from a brief (15 minute) talk I gave on homotopy type theory to some other PhD students.

Some agda files


Spring of 2016, I was a TA for Models of Computation.
Fall of 2015, I was a TA for Functional Programming.
In the 2014-15 year, I was a tutor for the Java Workshop which is part of Msc Computer Science.

Other stuff

A few PhD students hold "CARGO", a CAtegories Reading GrOup, which meets on Tuesday at 2:00 in room 245. We have a mailing list which you are welcome to subscribe to.

Sometimes I write things about math, or write poems and lyric essays. You can find me on twitter.

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