ESSLLI-98 Workshop on 
                        LOGICAL ABSTRACT MACHINES 
                           August 17 - 21, 1998

                       A workshop held as part of the 
        10th European Summer School in Logic, Language and Information 
                August 17 - 28, 1998, Saarbruecken, Germany

                        ** SECOND CALL FOR PAPERS **

ORGANISERS: Valeria de Paiva and Eike Ritter (University of Birmingham)

Web site:

This workshop brings together recent work on the design of abstract 
machines for functional programming languages based on logical foundations.  
Abstract machines describe implementations of functional languages on a 
level of abstraction which is high enough to make it possible to reason 
about the implementation but low enough as to allow an easy coding of the 
abstract machine.  The workshop is aimed at students and researchers with a 
basic understanding of functional programming and intuitionistic logic who 
want to work on the exciting field of programming with a solid logical 

We focus the workshop along two main themes: explicit substitutions and 
abstract machines based on Linear Logic.  Most of the more recent work on 
abstract machines is directed towards implementing and proving correct 
functional languages based on Linear Logic ideas.  Linear Logic, being a 
resource logic, was deemed ideal to model resource control in functional 

The workshop consists of five sessions of 90 minutes and time will be 
allocated according to the quality of the submissions.  We seek original 
papers on the full spectrum of abstract machines from theory to 
application.  Among the topics of interest are:

  Theory                                Design and Implementation
  ------                                -------------------------
  formal semantics                      description of working systems
  explicit substitution  calculi        combinators
  type theory                           graph reduction techniques
  linear decorations                    run-time/memory management
  game theory for linear logic          applications
All researchers in the area, but especially Ph.D.  students and young 
researchers, are encouraged to submit an extended abstract (up to 12 pages) 
and preferably in postscript A4 format by

          **February 15, 1998**  

via e-mail to or alternatively by post to

  Dr E. Ritter
  University of Birmingham   
  School of Computer Science        
  Edgbaston, Birmingham              
  B15 2TT, England, UK 

Authors will be notified of acceptance or rejection by April 15.  Final 
version of the accepted papers must be received in camera-ready form by 
June 1st, for inclusion in the informal proceedings.  We are looking into 
formal publication of the proceedings.

INVITED SPEAKERS (to be confirmed):
Andrea Asperti, University of Bologna
Vincent Danos, Paris 7
Ian Mackie, Ecole Polytechnique
Kristoffer Rose, ENS Lyon

Workshop contributors will be required to register for ESSLLI-98, but they 
will be eligible for a reduced registration fee.

        Feb 15, 98: Deadline for submissions
        Apr 15, 98: Notification of acceptance
        May 15, 98: Deadline for final copy
        Aug 17, 98: Start of workshop

To obtain further information about ESSLLI-98 please visit the ESSLLI-98
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