Professor Andrew Howes

Recent funding

John, B., Lewis, R.L., Vera, A. & Howes, A. (2007-2010). Affordable cognitive modeling for interface design, workload design and procedure development. In collaboration with University of Michigan, NASA Ames Research Center, Carnegie Mellon University. Funded by US Office of Naval Research.

Sutcliffe, A., Dunbar, R., Payne, S.J., Howes, A. & Reader, W. (2007-2010). Developing theory for evolving socio-cognitive systems. Funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Rsearch Council (EPSRC).

Howes, A. (2008). Funds to attend Air Force Research Laboratory Workshop on Human-Computer Interaction and Software Engineering. Washington D.C. ($3000)

Vera, A., Howes, A.   & Lewis, R.L. (2004-2006). Towards formal model-based prediction of skilled performance.   Research funded by NASA NRA Intelligent Systems Program ($490k).

Additional funding received from Cardiff University Teaching Fund, University of Manchester Teaching Fund, QinetiQ Farnborough, United States Air Force Research Laboratory & NASA Ames Research Center.

Previous funding

Young, R.M. & Howes , A. (1992-1995). Towards an integrated model of learning and performance in HCI.   Funded by Joint Research Council's Initiative in Cognitive Science and Human-Computer Interaction.   ID: 9200435 (£130,000).

Payne, S.J. & Howes , A. (1995-1998). Interactive search.   Funded by the ESRC's Cognitive Engineering program   (£106,000).   Project given the highest rating available by referees.

Howes , A. & Payne, S.J. (1997-2000). Automated theory-based procurement evaluation. Funded by EPSRC   (£117,000).

Howes , A., Jones, D.M., Fowles, S., Ruddle, R., Hammond, N., Trapp, A, Lievesley, D. & Musgrave, S. (1996-1999). A collaboration between Cardiff, Essex & York Universities.   A virtual laboratory for experimental psychology.   JISC Technologies Applications Program (£280,000).

Howes , A., Payne, S.J. & Jones, D.M. (1997-1998).   Discontinuous virtual environments.   Funded by EPSRC (£45,000).

Jones, D.M., Snowden, R.J., Howes , A. & Ruddle, R. (1998-2001). Human factors aspects of remote workstations.   Funded by DERA   (£142,050).

Davies, A.J., Pitt, L., Howes , A. & Payne, S.J. (1997-1998). Research on improved internet marketing.   Funded by British Telecommunications   (£152,000).

Howes , A. (1999-2001). A computational and empirical investigation into the mental representation of space.   Funded by EPSRC   (£72,000).

Howes , A. & Payne, S.J. (1999-2002). Procurement evaluation for defence systems.   Funded by DERA (£148,000).

Banbury, S. & Howes , A. (2000). Evaluation methodologies for integrated project team groupware.   Funded by DERA (£40,000).

Banbury, S., Patrick, J. & Howes , A. (2003). Situation Awareness.   Defence Technology Consortium. £240,000

Patrick, J., Banbury, S. & Howes , A. (2003). SRIF2   Cardiff University Communications Research Centre. (part of £1million in collaboration with Engineering and Computer Science.) SRIF2.