Software Systems Components 1, 2011/2012

Class test

Marks for class test and peerwise

The SSC1 class test counts for 30% of the continuous assessment mark. The two vivas in weeks 7 and 11 will together count for 60% of the continuous assessment mark.

Solutions for the class test will be discussed in the exercise class on 19.10.

If you are entitled to extra time during examinations, please contact the TA Phil Smith (, who will organize a separate venue for the test.

Week 5

Bob Hendley's section on HCI begins on 24.10.

Week 4: XML

Slides on XML



Please sign up for SSC1 on Peerwise immediately; it only takes a few minutes.

10% of the continuous assessment mark will be given for participation in Peerwise. See the instructions for students on that page.

To gain points, you must write at least one multiple-choice question on a topic covered in the module so far, and answer at least three other questions. The deadline for making this minimal contribution is 12 noon Friday 14 October.

Another 10% of the mark may be given as discretionary bonus points. The bonus marks may be awarded for active participation (e.g. leaderboard status), but in particular for writing insightful questions.

You are free to continue with SSC1 on peerwise after the above deadline, and in fact strongly encouraged to do so. The more questions you create, answer, comment on, etc, the more you will learn and the more you will help other students on the module. If a fair number of students contribute good questions, there will be plenty of revision material for everyone before the exams. You may also enjoy winning badges and trying to get on the leaderboard.

You need to register on the Peerwise server.

Grammars and parsing: weeks 2 and 3

You can download the lecture slides for the introduction to grammars and parsing for viewing on screen.
There is also a more compact version for printing.

Streams: week 1

You should attempt the exercise on streams. A model solution will be discussed in the next exercise class.

Slides for week 1: intro to module; streams

Teaching assistant

The Teaching Assistant for this module is Phil Smith, Contact him for routine matters, such as queries about marks, mitigations or attendance monitoring.

Past exam paper

SSC1 exam paper from last year.

SSC in context

Note that the material in SSC1 has connections to a number of other modules (Info+Web, Models of Computation, Foundations, Compilers, etc). That is a feature, not a bug. Important topics in computer science are covered from several angles and in increasing depth, which is sometimes called "iterative deepening". In SSC1, we generally take a pragmatic programming perspective on the material. Java is used as the teaching language, but the module is not primarily about Java, as we could have used C++, C# or even OCAML.


Cay Horstmann and Gary Cornell: "Core Java. Volume II: Advanced Features". 8th edition. Prentice Hall. Chapter 1 is on streams and chapter 2 on XML.